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Svartahrid - As The Sunrise Flickers (CD)

As The Sunrise Flickers
by Stathis Giannakopoulos at 15 February 2001, 8:35 PM

Are you sick of Black Metal with loads of keyboards? If you are then Svartahrid is a good option for you.

The biggest trap that the 99% of the new Black Metal bands can't avoid, is the use of keyboards. They all say, let's put some keys for atmosphere and they end up with an album full of melody. Where the hell has the GOOD old black metal gone? I don't mean of course some 15 year old guys who put corpse paint on their face and they think that they play Black Metal because they sing about Satan and stuff. I mean Black Metal with fast riffs, raging drumming and brutal vocals. Oh, and NO keyboards. I don't have something with melodic Black Metal bands but I think it's good sometimes to hear an album that reminds me bands like the great Bathory for example(On their Black Metal era of course). Yes, Svartahrid remind me Bathory a bit. So, their music might not be original or something but it's very well played. Of course their playing won't let you with your mouth open but you'll enjoy this album very much. Talent is not something that is missing from these guys. I think that they have a lot of it and since it's only their second work I guess they can get better and better. The production of the album is pretty good. Some of you might believe that Black Metal has to sound dirty so clear productions suck. Well, guys we are in 2001! Wake up! Of course Svartahrid might not have the Black Metal feeling of Darkthrone but they are really worth to check if you are into Black Metal.

In a few words, As The Sunrise Flickers is a very good choice for those who miss old Black Metal but it's not the album that will change the Black Metal history or an album that will remain as a monument . I think that some Black Metal fans need releases like this 'cause Black Metal is not only Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth.

P.S. Hmm, I used the word Black Metal many times..

3 Star Rating

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