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Svarttjern - Shame is Just a Word Award winner

Shame is Just a Word
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 24 January 2020, 7:23 AM

Black Metal, to Norwegian bands, is a kind of national pride, because the SWOBM was unleashed there. No one can deny the historical importance of names as MAYHEM, BURZUM, DARKTHRONE, EMPEROR and others for the consolidation of the genre worldwide, and of course that Sweden, Greece. UK and Finland gave their contributions as well, but the burning of churches contributed a lot for create a mythical aura for Norwegian Black Metal. And SVARTTJERN, a quintet from Oslo, is coming back for another destructive round with “Shame is Just a Word”, their latest full length.

Although their musical work isn’t new at all, the quintet shows a lot of personality, using a classic Norwegian Black Metal insight, but with some different elements, as the Thrash Metal guitar riffs (that can be heard clearly on “Ment til å Tjene”, although German Thrash Metal is an influence for early Black Metal bands from the country), and they really do a great work, using a thunderous aggressive insight to create some charming hooks that can’t be resisted. Yes, these guys have guts and show great potential, and are really talented! The sound quality of “Shame is Just a Word” is really very good, because it can blend the old Norwegian Black Metal feeling and crude insight with a sonority that allows the listeners to understand what they’re playing, and their sets of instrumental tunes were chosen wisely. So the album sounds as classic Black Metal from the country, but with a modern aesthetics.

8 black arrows are thrown on “Shame is Just a Word”, all of them really great songs. But the brutal rhythmic changes of “Prince of Disgust” (the bass guitar and drums can smash the bones with their heavy and technical work), the Old School German Thrash metal elements infused on the harsh melodies of “Ment til å Tjene”, the oppressive slow paced tempos of “Melodies of Lust” (where the guitar riffs are excellent), the very good harsh embodiment used to create the nasty harmonies of “Frost Embalmed Abyss” (some funereal moments are really great) and “Ravish Me” (excellent vocals, using a midterm between shrieked tunes and guttural grunts) can be said as the best darkened pearls of the album. But their Black Metal version for old EXODUS hymn “Bonded by Blood” is really excellent (including excellent guitar solos), a proof that all extreme Metal genres has a common origin.

It’s a fact that SVARTTJERN is here to conquer, and “Shame is Just a Word” can take you to a higher level. Here this clod storm of Black Metal and be seduced!

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Prince of Disgust
2. Ment til å Tjene
3. Melodies of Lust
4. Ta dets Drakt
5. Frost Embalmed Abyss
6. Ravish Me
7. Bonded by Blood
8. Shame is Just a Word
HansFyrste - Vocals
HaaN - Lead Guitar
Fjellnord - Rhythm guitar
Malphas - Bass
Grimdun - Drums
Record Label: Soulseller Records


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