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Svnth - Spring in Blue

Spring in Blue
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 08 September 2020, 7:42 AM

What’s the meaning of their name SEVENTH GENOCIDE? During the 20th century the world has been theatre of several merciless crimes against humanity committed by totalitarian and war-mongering governments toward some ethnical groups for racist reasons. According to the academic book “Century of Genocide (2004)” the most atrocious were six (but unfortunately not the only ones). The extreme exploitation of resources by modern capitalism can be metaphorically identified as a genocide toward our natural environment and man himself. Their music is strongly inspired by the harmonious connection between man and nature in a cosmic and atavic way, life and transcendence toward other planes of existence through death. “Spring in Blue” contains six tracks.

“Who is the Dreamer” leads off the album. It features some slow, Doomy elements. About half-way in, you can only hear bass guitar notes with some guitars building in the background. “Erasing God’s Towers” opens with some light, ambient moments. This eleven-minute song has a long fade-in, almost as if you are making your way across the icy tundra of Antarctica, with the winds howling at your back, and no one in sight. The vocals are more within the Black Metal realm, though the music is rooted firmly in the Doom genre. It picks up in pacing, then slows again.

“Parallel Layers” is another length track, opening with bass guitar notes and a slight sense of hope. It builds for just a few moments, then retreats again. Four minutes in however, and it is still meandering a bit. It builds for a few minutes, then retreats again, never fully getting off the ground. “Wings of the Ark” opens with galloping drumming and raging vocals. It has a more traditional Black Metal sound, at least, until the clean guitar interlude, which brings rays of hope to the table. Then, it’s back to the Black Metal sound again. Another clean guitar interlude helps to break up some of the madness and takes the song to completion.

“Chaos Spiral in Reverse” is a 14-minute opus. I am sensing a pattern here of intense Black Metal, followed by clean interludes. It happens again in this song. The harsh passages are absolutely intense but are stark in comparison with the clean interludes. A long interlude closes the song. “Sons of Melancholia” is another 14-minute beast. It opens with full fury and then retreats to another clean interlude. The sound picks back up at the four-minute mark, and then retreats again at the eight-minute mark. This time, the clean interlude features a nice melody, along with a guitar solo. There is another drawn out ending.

Overall, I think the album did a nice job combining several genres…Black Metal, Doom Metal, and Atmospheric Black Metal. But, it was hard to find a central identity here. The repeated pattern of harsh passages followed by clean interludes was hard not to find. I did, however, very much enjoy the clean interludes, because they helped to break up the harsh passages that could have lasted the entire length of the songs. Overall, it was just mediocre for me however.

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 5
Memorability: 3
Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. Who is the Dreamer
2. Erasing God’s Towers
3. Parallel Layers
4. Wings of the Ark
5. Chaos Spiral in Reverse
6. Sons of Melancholia
Roldolfo Ciuffo – Bass, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Lyrics
Valerio Primo – Drums
Stefano Allegretti – Guitar
Jacopo Gianmaria Pepe – Guitar
Record Label: Transcending Records


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