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Sxuperion – Omniscient Pulse

Omniscient Pulse
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 15 July 2020, 10:41 AM

Matthew has been a busy boy for a one-man band, two demos, four EP’s, one split with Verräter and now five full-length albums. As well as starting this band in 2003 with the first released demo, he has also been in bands such as GARDEN OF HESPERIDES from 2013 until present with five releases, VALDUR from 1999 until present with a huge seventeen releases and also WEVERIN with seven releases. So, let’s find out what he has got for us this time

Owl” kicks off the album with a dark intro, sounding more like a baddie in a film being introduced than anything else. The slow, instrumental build up is broken apart just after the one-minute mark by the inclusion of vocal and instrumentalist elements, it doesn’t explode, it takes over and raises the tempo slightly. This is a well-worked move and the next segment allows the song to progress through, there is a few growls but no understandable vocals to start off. You can tell that the coarse growls will be Matthew trying add vocals to the song, but they cannot be heard mostly. The pace is kept well-controlled and allows the song to expand slightly, but never losing said control. The instrumental play is very good, the cleaner cut guitar segments add depth and melody to the song. The final minute is the song fading away from pace to more like how it started. Not a bad start to the album at all.

Death (Bussard Ramjet Malfunction)” is also a slow burner, it starts in similar pace and sound to how “Owl” ended. The instrumental aspects don’t take long to kick in this time. The melody is building up to something, seemingly it has hit its own limit, which is still at a good level. The coarse, growl vocals return but I still have no idea what is being said, or attempting to say. The song has stopped expanding and is now keeping itself going by repeating its own tactic. The song does try to enforce more darkness and different kind of vocals in, but not enough has been done to sway the direction of the song. Doesn’t do enough for me to expand the album during this song.

Planet Crusher - Defeating the Holy Emperor” continues in similar vain to where the previous song left off, which has slowed the pace of the album down overall, becoming more Blackened Sludge mix than much else. By midway through this song, I had already turned my attention off, this is basically an extension of the previous song, therefore does nothing different and is a bit pointless.

Presque-Vu” needs to spark something new to the album to re-spark interest once more. The instrumental-lead start hits heavier and harder, so this is a good start, but it needs to keep it up. Its too short of a song to just keep up an instrumental song that never changes the pace or direction. A missed chance here.

Omniscient Pulse” kicks off well, aggression is there, direction not so much. This song repeats the previous song of having no real change at all, if you mixed the last THREE songs together, they would have made a better singular song. This album is already wading too far down shit creek.

Betrothed Catacombs” is even more sludgy than anything else on thos album, the dreariness of this song and the continued lack of clear vocals is just showing a lack of depth and a lack of clarity of vision on not only this song, but the album as a whole. The beat is ok, a bit basic and only slightly varied to what we have heard already.

A New Universe Awaits (Burning the Cloth)” this song could add so much more to an already falling album, it needs a big song to pick itself up and add more points. But no, its another pointless instrumental song. Fuck.

Myopian Frequency Release” is 8 minutes and 40 seconds. When I saw that my heart sank. This song however could ignite the album and have a fury to finish, or and more probably will be the final nail in the coffin.  Nearly 3-minutes in and I’m so bored already. It’s a basic recap of all the crapier songs on the album so far. Around halfway through it kinda just stops, but the timer on the song doesn’t. It then starts again, following the same patter and doesn’t change. At all!

The more of this album I got through, the lower the score was getting. Every album starts 10/10 and is knocked down by each song, lets just be glad it only had 8 songs.

Songwriting: 1
Musicianship: 3
Memorability: 1
Production: 4

1 Star Rating

1. Owl
2. Death (Bussard Ramjet Malfunction)
3 Planet Crusher - Defeating the Holy Emperor
4. Presque-Vu (Instrumental)
5. Omniscient Pulse
6. Betrothed Catacombs
7. A New Universe Awaits (Burning the Cloth) (Instrumental)
8. Myopian Frequency Release
Matthew Schott aka Sxuperion – Everything
Record Label: Bloody Mountain Records


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