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Sydney Fate - Silicon Nitride

Sydney Fate
Silicon Nitride
by Sergio Andrés at 28 February 2020, 8:43 AM

A modern band with a cute bag of tricks, like, for instance, having two singers, which gives their sound a fresh set of dynamics, and yet another crucial aspect is the syncopated feel of their drummer, Terry Collins, something that sets them apart from the usual Metal unit.

“Sound Alive” flows with a sweet chorus and harsh growl vocals, nothing too unorthodox, but gives the listener some idea of the overall style of the band. “Falling Forward” has a fast tempo, which contrasts with the extremely melodic verses and some distorted vocals for the pre-chorus. What we have here, is a crystal-clear cymbals tone mixing, which matters with the open choruses of this style; an aspect that precise clarity and definition. “Courthouse Problematic” has a nice hi-hat groove on the verses, being myself a drummer; those are the kind of details that matters for a smooth listening. There is a nice stereo mixing of the guitars almost the entire song, playing dismal tones, similar to JUDAS PRIEST or RATT.

“Oceans” opens grandly, with harmonized guitars, which at times reminded me of KING DIAMOND's “A Mansion In Darkness”, then the pace calms a little and the chorus – bridge return to the modern vein of melodic Hard Rock. Nice. “Home” has that classic American Metal feel on the intro and verses, despite the distorted vocals, and if you take out the screams, this could be a DOKKEN song from 1985 or even a VIRGIN STEELE tune, which is a neat thing. Being a little more adventurous, I may dare to say that the final anthemic chorus sounded a bit like MANOWAR, post-COHEED AND CAMBRIA. It feels refreshing that these young bands are incorporating old-school elements into their post-millennial sound.

“Sweet Anticipation” has more than a nod or two to IRON MAIDEN; I can hear Dave Murray phrasing on the central melodic theme. Sometimes, I feel these bands don't need that amount of screams; they can hold a tremendous instrumental backbone on their own. Don't get me wrong, I love harsh vocals, but at times I prefer a more natural approach without that hesitation of sounding brutal at some parts.

Overall, SYDNEY FATE's "Silicone Nitride" is an enjoyable work.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianchip: 8
Memorability: 5
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Tacenda
2. Sound Alive
3. Falling Forward
4. Courthouse Problematic
5. Chelsey Grin
6. Oceans
7. Home
8. Sweet Anticipation
Adam Rapado - Vocals
Bailey Edwards - Vocals
Owen Whittaker - Guitars
Dominic Evans - Guitars
Scott Butterworth - Bass
Terry Collins - Drums
Record Label: Eclipse Records


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Edited 07 April 2020

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