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Sympherium - Philosophy of Symmetry Award winner

Philosophy of Symmetry
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 24 May 2015, 8:39 PM

Here in Brazil, some feeling that permeate the extreme Metal scene that bounds many to the past. Yes, there are still bands entrapped by past sonorities, and that can difficult sometimes the coming of a new and modern insight that evolution. And that’s sad, because some modernity could give Metal very good musical taste. But even with these ideas being told since the 80s (how I deeply despise the so called old school headbangers sometimes), there are bands that dare to create and do something different. And of course a great name can arise from the ashes of the past, and one of the best new names of our scene is the fantastic sextet SYMPHERIUM, from João Pessoa, Paraíba. Their first album, “Philosophy of Symmetry”, is a perfect and excellent example of creativity in extreme Metal.

Even being an extreme Metal band with a symphonic insight, the bounds are broken time and time again during the entire album. We could label them as a mix of DIMMU BORGIR on “Death Cult Armageddon” era with something from CRADLE OF FILTH (on vocals sometimes) and COVENANT on “Nexus Polaris”, but using a more brutal and harsh insight, without tearing the melodies out. Very good vocals (using shrieked voices, some guttural screams and clean voices in a way that reminds us from VINTERSORG works), a duet of guitars excellent on riffs and in some solos, bass and drums forming a perfect and worked rhythmic mass, and fine keyboards in elegant and somber orchestrations. It’s something new and with personality, heavy and full of energy.
The quality is excellent, keeping the harsh feeling that extreme Metal must have, the weight, but being clear to understand each musical arrangement, and with a fine and beautiful cover that signs that their lyrics run away from infant satanism to a more Egyptian/mythological insight.

Of course the album is perfect in all the songs, but “The Name Above Ancient Scriptures” (with excellent vocals and perfect work done in riffs), the fast and heavy “Let My New World Be Born” (without losing the melodic insight and the brutal grasp, with perfect keyboards and riffs), the up tempo “The Last Civilization” (a not so fast tempo, with perfect work done by all the instruments and fine vocals) and “Total Order Philosophy” (with a more aggressive insight, but keeping the elegant feeling due very good keyboards again) can be named their best moments. But as I said above, the entire album is perfect.

An excellent band and all of you can hear it, for the album is still available for free download on the Bandcamp page.


5 Star Rating

1. In Symmetria Entrare
2. The Name Above the Ancient Scriptures
3. Let My New World Be Born
4. The Orphan’s Cry
5. Stairway to the Palace of Light
6. The Last Civilization
7. Emptiness and Asymmetry
8. Total Order Philosophy
Adi França - Vocals
Felipe Headley - Guitars
Luiz Eduardo Viana - Guitars
André Toledo - Bass
Jorge Augusto - Drums
Magno Rocha - Keyboards
Record Label: MS Metal Records


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