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Syn Ze Sase Tri – Zăul Moş

Syn Ze Sase Tri
Zăul Moş
by Jess at 05 December 2017, 12:05 PM

SYN ZE SASE TRI, a Symphonic Black Metal band, was born in 2007 in Romania. The name means “I Am With Triple Six”.  The band has released three full-lengths since their inception. One in 2011, another in 2012, and their third in 2015. The band is inspired by the histories and myths of Transylvania. The music is about their ancestors and the Dacian warriors: their beliefs, their gods, their last days, and their prayers. SYN ZE SASE TRI is back with their fourth album “Zăul Moş”. This one comes in with nine tracks and a listening time of just over 53 minutes.

The opening track, “Tărîmu De Lumină” comes in at a meaty ten minutes and 41 seconds. It opens with plucked guitars and lighter, airier feel with free-flowing atmosphere. At about 1:07 we get the harder, pounding drums, creating a much thicker atmosphere. The vocals start as a screeching from hell, that turns into a such a low growl its sounds as if it’s seeping out of the earth. There is a whispering interlude that transitions into an ominous spoken piece. Then the powerful and very clean vocals come in. This move takes the track into the Power Metal realm. It’s weirdly entertaining. The growls return as does a more Folk feeling. It’s interesting that they decided to put their longest track as their opener, but it worked.

Solu Zeilor”, track three, brings back in that Power Metal feel from track one, but definitely keeps that Symphonic sound SYN ZE SASE TRI is rooted in. The music in this track is superb and is complimented by the insanely deep and incredibly good vocals. While I find this track to be stunning, I am captivated by the vocals. The harsh bite with a ting of raspy-ness is spot on glory.

Track five is the title track for this album and it comes in a blaze of glory. The opening here sounds like a sound track to a fantasy movie where they are being chased or running through dim lit forests to get to where they need to be swiftly. There are clean sung vocals, battling baritone and growls. They throw out all the punches in this track, just like in track one, except this one is half the length. It shows just how entertaining their writing can be.

Urzeala Ceriului”, track seven, is another banger with an interesting blast beat. We hadn’t heard much in the form of blast beats from the drums, but they are dead on, here. The overall feeling of this track is faster, harder, and darker. The vocals remain deep. While they battle between the two none cleans in this album, they are amazing companions. The diversity shown in this track is incredible. There is so much metal and musicianship packed in here, it takes multiple listens to catch every glorious bit.

The final track “În Pîntecu Pămîntului”, comes in exceptionally Folk inspired. It reminds of something similar to earlier ELUVEITIE, one of my favorite Folk Metal bands. While there is a Symphonic twist, the pipes are expertly placed. This is indeed my favorite track in this album and exemplifies their already masterful musicianship.

The mix of Symphonic and Folk Metal is an interesting and shocking element. Then SYN ZE SASE TRI throw Black Metal and Traditional Metal elements into the mix creating an alluring adventure of fantasy, war, and prayer. If you like Symphonic or Folk or both, you find this album a great collection. I would say Black Metallers and Traditionalists would also find something to like in this one. “Zăul Moş” is thought-provoking and pleasing.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Tărîmu De Lumină
2. Dîn Negru Gînd
3. Solu Zeilor
4. De-a Dreapta Omului
5. Zăul Moș
6. Plecăciune Zăului
7. Urzeala Ceriului
8. Cocoșii Negri (Phoenix cover)
9. În Pîntecu Pămîntului 
Șuier - Vocals
Corb - Guitars and Vocals
Moș - Guitars
Record Label: Code666 Records


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