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The Shiva Hypothesis - Ouroboros Stirs

The Shiva Hypothesis
Ouroboros Stirs
by Tatianny Ruiz at 17 July 2018, 3:07 PM

It was finally time to talk about the blackened deathsters THE SHIVA HYPOTHESIS who released their first album "Ouroboros Stirs" by the WormHoleDeath / Modern record on the mid-18th of 2018 and that already comes arousing interest by the art of the cover that brings a snake wrapped around the earth and consuming its own tail.  Here is the 'Ouroboros' entry card and all the astronomical theory that tells of the arrival of meteors and comets that would collide with the Earth, something that would happen approximately every 30 million years with a glimpse of extinction and with all the atmosphere created by the cosmic introduction in "Enkindling" we enter the album with the explosive and infuriated "Ananda Tandava" that begins in a slight melancholy in its lines of accurate and resonant guitars that slowly elevates until all the instrumentation fires along with the exacerbated roars of MvS, the whole set becomes a standard the enraged and violent one that follows some precise lines of the Black Metal of full-bodied form.

It is clear that we are talking about a very young band with a lot to bring to the public but if there is an aspect of it deserves to be mentioned about them is undoubtedly the boldness that the band demonstrates disposing of all its technical arsenal and this is clear in bands like "Carrying off the Effigy" that brings the mix of elements that hover between Thrash / Death and Black metal in a profusion that produces an amazing magnetic foot-stomping effect encompassing a micro-solo full of excitement in the midst of so much darkness. And I must admit, I love the excerpts where the acoustic elements are more incisive like"'Build Your Cities on the Slopes of Mount Vesuvius" and "With Spirits Adrift" that have sharper aspects and convey a dark but at the same time inspiring cultural conception.

Considering that this is the debut album of this band it is possible to be sure that they are in this game to assert themselves.  You will not find anything absolutely unheard of or genius but with a decent production and with a set of precise and accurate tracks as an arrow where all the elements are demonstrated precisely and the result is certainly wonderful. If what you expect for the rest of 2018 is finding new jobs and bands that will make up for your audition make sure "Ouroboros Stirs" deserves its place in the sun.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 8


4 Star Rating

1. Enkindling
2. Ananda Tandava
3. Caduceus
4. Praedormitium
5. Build Your Cities on the Slopes of Mount Vesuvius
6. Maze of Delusion
 7. Carrying off the Effigy
8. With Spirits Adrift
ML - Bass, Keys, Additional Vocals, Songwriting
JB - Guitar, Songwriting
BN - Drums
MvS - Vocals, Lyrics
Record Label: WormHoleDeath


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Edited 22 February 2019

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