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Nocturnal Hollow - Triumphantly Evil

Nocturnal Hollow
Triumphantly Evil
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 08 July 2021, 6:24 AM

Once again: when writing, I usually try to not express personal points of view or anything in such a way, to give to the readers the most honest and real depiction of what an album is trying to express. But this is another occasion that this conception must be left aside. As a South American Metalhead, I have experienced many surprises, but this is another: here in Brazil, the news we have in hands is that Venezuela became a dictatorial left-wing state (remembering: dictatorships aren’t left-winged or right-winged, are just oppressive forms of government) since 3-4 years ago, what could mean that Metal couldn’t survive in such way due censorship. But it’s amazing to deal with “Triumphantly Evil”, the latest album from NOCTURNAL HOLLOW.

Musically, their work is a form of Blackened Death Metal influenced by North American Death Metal School, so musical influences from DEATH, POSSESSED, IMMOLATION, MONSTROSITY, CANNIBAL CORPSE and DEICIDE can be heard. But this experienced band knows how to make their music in a personal form, full of an aggressive insight tempered with the wisdom the years gave them. It’s brutal, but with excellent hooking instrumental arrangements. The production is in a good level. Things can be understood clearly, even the tiny instrumental arrangement, obviously keeping an Old School Death Metal harsh feeling (that crude touch that is natural for the genre, especially for bands with a classic approach of it). Though it’s not perfect, things are really sounding great, so the listeners will have the best of the songs.

It’s impossible to resist to their musical wrath, so be prepared to be have your bones becoming dust due the heavy crush imposed by songs as “Baphometh Crown” (very good guitar riffs and grunts), “Bound to the Gore” (a song filled with Old School Death Metal and Grindcore influences, in a similar way to those old releases from the early 90’s, with excellent drumming), “Down to Void” (oppressive tempos and hooking guitars), “Consumed by the Storm” (another hooking song with excellent arrangements, especially on the rhythmic session), “In Rapture of Pain” (this one shows excellent technical work, with some broken tempos, and the drums are great) and “Remembrance of a Murder”. And their personal Death Metal version for “Necrophiliac” (an old SLAYER song from “Hell Awaits” era) is really great!

So take the opportunity to blow your ears with “Triumphantly Evil”, and see what the maniacs of NOCTURNAL HOLLOW can offer. You won’t have regrets of the experience!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Baphometh Crown
2. Bound to the Gore
3. The Shinning Blaze of Hell
4. Down to Void
5. Consumed by the Storm
6. Through the Haze of Death
7. Voices Comes from the Night
8. In Rapture of Pain
9. King of Wrath
10. Remembrance of a Murder
11. Necrophiliac
JR Escalante - Guitars, Vocals
George Knive - Drums
Record Label: SoundBlast Media


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