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Puncture Wound – Complete Carnage Of Coagulating Cacophonous Corpses Award winner

Puncture Wound
Complete Carnage Of Coagulating Cacophonous Corpses
by Thomas Kumke at 20 October 2020, 11:31 AM

Complete Carnage Of Coagulating Cacophonous Corpses”! What a title! I will abbreviate this title to “CCCCC” or simply “5C” for the sake of convenience. PUNCTURE WOUND hailing from the Gold Coast, Australia are a Death Metal band. They were formed by Trigger Finger Trav and Alix Bandiera in 2016. They play old school Death Metal with typical lyrical themes such as Death, horror movies, or cannibalism. “CCCCC” is their debut full-length album, prior to this, they released 1 EP back in 2017. PUNCTURE WOUND’s debut album was released via Australian label 1054 Records with a limited amount of copies in April 2020. Shortly afterwards, PUNCTURE WOUND signed a deal with Canadian label CDN Records which released the album worldwide in August 2020. The album has a total length of almost 37 minutes.

With the “5C” album, PUNCTURE WOUND released an album that has a strong foundation built on classical brutal Death Metal. It provides more than half an hour of complete carnage consisting of ripping guitars, relentless hammering drums, brutal and aggressive growls. The tempo on “5C” varies quite a bit, some of the songs are kept pre-dominantly mid-tempo with blast beat breaks in between. The opener “Necroinsemination” and “Murderquette” are good examples for this. Most songs contain cool head-banging sequences and PUNCTURE WOUND understand it very well to mix things up. “Occasional Butchery” and “Deceptive Mutilation” are some of those songs that comes with high speed, more complex song structures, lots of blast beats and simply more chaos.

I like the fact that PUNCTURE WOUND have two guitars, which gives their sound an extra dimension compared to other Death Metal bands. A number of songs include excellent lead sequences, I should definitely mention the lead guitar in “Anthem Of Agony”. “Anthem Of Agony” is probably the song which mixes most of the strengths on “5C” together: head-banging riffs, sick blast beats, deafening and eerie growls as well as infectious leads. “Devoid Mausoleum” is another song where PUNCTURE WOUND vary extremely well the speed and combine blisteringly fast parts with mid-tempo sequences. While all band members play here at their best, Alix Bandiera on the drums deserves mentioning for his outstanding performance. You would expect PUNCTURE WOUND to carry on with that style until the last song, however, the finale of “5C” is a bit of a surprise.

PUNCTURE WOUND has not released an official video yet, but there is an official lyric video of “Necroinsemination” with the YouTube link given below. The debut album “5C” is a very good Death Metal album. It is based on a classic Death Metal sound, it is raw, it is aggressive, and it is brutal. It includes comprehensive guitar riffing and lead sequences, blast beats, double-bass drums, sickening growls, and basically everything what a Death Metal fan can ask for. PUNCTURE WOUND mix up all those ingredients to a very enjoyable album. The production of “5C” is very good. For Death Metal fans, “5C” may well be one of the highlights this year and PUNCTURE WOUND is one of the bands to watch in the future.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Necroinsemination
2. Occasional Butchery
3. Perverse Sodomy Infatuation
4. Murderquette
5. Deceptive Mutilation
6. Inflicting Horror
7. Anthem Of Agony
8. Postmortem Frenzy
9. Devoid Mausoleum
10. Darkened Ways
Gene Waltham – Vocals
Trigger Finger Trav – Rhythm Guitar
Pedro Bueno - Lead Guitar
Alix Bandiera – Drums
Beau Beale – Bass
Record Label: CDN Records


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