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T.O.M.B. – Thin The Veil Award winner

Thin The Veil
by Joseth Radiant at 15 January 2020, 10:18 PM

For an American outfit that has been churning out soul-crushing Black Metal since the 1990s, there is surprisingly scarce information about T.O.M.B. available on the Google machine. Of course, their releases are on their Bandcamp page, but we know very little about who actually makes the music that is TOTAL OCCULTIC MECHANICAL BLASPHEMY. I find this both frustrating and impressive all at once. Frustrating because I at least want to give credit where credit is due to the individuals as well as understanding the humans behind the art. Impressive because even in this digital day and age that we live in, they are still able to keep to themselves anonymously. All while cranking out Black Metal that has been on par with some of the heavyweights of the genre. Having enough clout to enlist Hellhammer of MAYHEM on drums would be enough of a feat, but to have collaborations from Craig Smilowski formerly of IMMOLATION, Andy Winter of WINDS, Duncan McLaren of VENOM WOLF, and with what has been described as “spoken necromancy” by Maurice "Mories" De Jong of GNAW THEIR TONGUES all adding their spell-craft to this album make it one of the most potent Black Metal releases for 2020.

To me, Black Metal and horror movies reside in the same category of creativity. When either one is executed properly, it serves as a bone-chilling display of palpable evil that can be both seen and felt. Thin The Veil serves as an excellent example of this. The production thankfully avoids the stereotypical lo-fi sounds that seek to sound TRVË KVŁT but wind up where the album is the audible equivalent of listening to the roar of a jet engine for nearly an hour. With this album, you go on a journey into the heart of evil itself. You have been forsaken by the gods of men and are left to wander and roam the dark soundscapes that are each track of the album with your soul being prey to the horrors that lurk in the shadows.

Overall, with this being my first chance at getting to listen to T.O.M.B., I can understand why they are a top-tier act in the Black Metal scene. Listening to this album is a bit like listening to an amazing movie soundtrack, where are you are thinking less about the music itself and are enthralled by the journey you are going on in the theater of your mind. I can say with complete honesty that there were a few moments on this album that truly gave me goosebumps because The songs really did sound like they were summoning some kind of evil spirits. If that is something that you find fascinating, then you’ll really enjoy this album from start to finish. And yes, as always, BUY THIS ALBUM!!!

Songwriting: 9/10
Musicianship: 9/10
Memorability: 9/10
Production: 9/10

4 Star Rating

1. No Return
2. Where The Wretched Lurk
3. Pestilence
4. Invocation
5. Thin The Veil
6. Decapitation of the Gods
7. Lunar Reckoning
8. Escape from Phlegethon
9. License To Depart
10. Pure Noise Necromancy
11. Hellmouth
Record Label: Dark Essence Records


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