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T.U.R.N – The United Rock Of Nations Award winner

The United Rock Of Nations
by Damion Finlayson at 10 May 2021, 9:35 PM

T.U.R.N are a 5 piece rock band from all over the world with brothers Hammer Head and DES Samita located in the U.S.A along with drum player Spencer Langley, guitar player Graham Lane is from England and lead singer Daniel Valberg comes from Sweden. The band have worked tirelessly to make it where they are today it took just over 2 years for the 5 to come together and after that they haven’t looked back. T.U.R.N have taken their inspirational music from the likes of GUNS N’ ROSES, and SKID ROW and have brung the feeling of being in the 80’s again. T.U.R.N had eventually found their spark and were eager to show people what they can do. This album was released in April 2021 so it is quite a new album but has become quite popular and will only become more famous over time.

 “Demons” This song from the very start makes you want to get up and headbang and rock. The way the instrumental piece starts off it draws me in even more as it is a powerful piece by the bass and guitars. This song has me intrigued as it talks about Demons inside my head, and I can’t get them out from everything that’s going on.  The vocals in this song fit really well with the rhythm and instruments which makes the song better as it all fits in 1 piece. I think this song has a very strong message behind it as there are a lot of people in the world with demons in their mind and nobody listens or helps, this song sends out that everybody has demons in their mind and it’s up to yourself to free yourself from them but also have people who can support you through it.

Can’t Keep Me Away” I’m sure the title gives it away that this is a love song played in the rocking way, but I can’t help myself in thinking that this is a man calling out for the love of his life no matter what barriers are in the way. The vocals in this song are the main thing for me as I listen to it reminds me of a certain point in my life where I could admit I was in the same situation and nothing would stop me.

Living In Chains” before listening to the song and just reading the title I already feel that this is going to be a deep song. From the start this song is fast paced and the guitars are phenomenally played together with the bass. The instrument’s get a lot of freedom in this song to show how good they are at playing their instruments. It makes me feel that there is someone who is trapped by someone and does everything they are told, then there’s that one friend who realises what’s going on and tries to tell you to as I quote stop “Living In Chains”.

Potion Of Endless Love” As I listen to this song its different to all the other songs as this one at times goes into a soft melody and that’s what makes it a lot better as it shows the band can play all different types of music its always good to have variety.  As the song goes on it reminds me of a man trying to get the girl of his dreams and casts a love spell on her as he doesn’t want to lose metaphorically speaking.

My overall thoughts on this album are that I would listen to this again and again wherever I am a party, on the bus or even just walking. The instruments in this album in my view play a big role to their success of these songs as the musicians who are playing these instruments are very talented and can play at any pace or any melody that is put in front of them. I definitely would like to see this band live and enjoy the atmosphere that they would bring to the stage.

Songwriting: 10
Muscianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Demons
2. Unreal Dreams
3. Can’t Keep Me Away
4. Stormy Nights
5. Living In Chains
6. Love Shack
7. Shine
8. Forgotten Souls
9. Potion Of Endless Love
10. Children Of This Time
Hammer Head – Bass
Daniel Valberg – Vocals
Graham Lane – Guitars/Keyboards
DES Samita – Guitar
Spencer Langley – Drums
Record Label: Dominus Records


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