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Tacere - Eras Reveries (CD)

Eras Reveries
by Michael Dalakos at 04 November 2005, 8:17 AM

Stunned. The best word to describe the way I felt while listening to this album. Out of nowhere Tacere landed from Finland into my stereo and claimed a spot in my hall of what the f*ck? albums. I don't get to listen to something that manages to surprise me in such a sweet way every day.
The band was formed in 2002 as Tacet Lacrimae, soon to change into Tacere. In 2003 they recorded their first Demo (Glacial Night) and one EP (The Legend Of Gevaudan) that was released in 2004. Within 2004 the band released Emocion Muerte and a remake of Into Your Dreams (originally recorded for fun in 2002).
Eras - Reveries is their first full length album. It consists of seven excellent pieces of work. Tacere at first bring in mind an edgier version of Nightwish. Mostly symphonic, more technical and extreme than their fellow countrymen. It takes a while to fully understand the ideas behind each composition. Some of the songs give the impression of rough stitching between riffs and melodic lines but most of the time Tacere manage to come clean. The plethora of vocal lines follows the same result - offers variety but doesn't make the listening much easier. Hellena isn't actually a clone of Tarja but there is a more than obvious resemblance. The bold production helps to the maximum and I also loved the artwork.
In retrospect this isn't as easy to listen to as late Nightwish but I guess that's the beauty of it. It takes time for a listener to unlock the secrets within each song. Definitely a bombastic debut of a much promising act.

4 Star Rating

I Devour
A Voice
Born Of The Ground
Autumn Rain
Bitter, Regressive
Foes Of The Sun
Jarno Vanhanen - Drums
Pekka Jokinen - Bass
Janne Salminen - Keyboards
Hellena Haaparanta - Vocals
Karri Knuuttila - Guitars & Vocals
Record Label: Self Released


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