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Tad Morose - St. Demonius

Tad Morose
St. Demonius
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 22 July 2015, 1:53 PM

Dredge into natural darkness, slice with profound heaviness of European sense, letting the chunky music surge into recognition, enabling the spirit to be aroused by steel plated Metal. Ever since I first started listening to the Swedish TAD MOROSE, back in the era when they released their third album, “Undead”, in 2000, I knew that the cross breeding of Heavy and Power Metal had yet another golden goose, and yes I was inspired. Furthermore, that album also made me trail back to their first three releases, which appeared to be somewhat rather progressed other than the down to earth burnt offerings later on. Now, for 2015, two years since the band’s comeback from a long hiatus of a decade, TAD MOROSE are here again with possibly one of their heaviest albums to date, naming it “St. Demonius”, via the Swedish label Despotz Records. No doubt that after listening to this album for several times, you would be feeling that awesome deluge of power slowly evolving in your hands to be made fists.

As a crazy fan of rhythm guitar riffery, I found a variety of common grounds between that vehemence of “St. Demonius” to other pleasurable releases made by other European icons such as MYSTIC PROPHECY, BRAINSTORM while also including MORGANA LEFAY and STEEL ATTACK, which three of TAD MOROSE’s band members were members of. Beyond displaying an amazing sound production that is crystal clear and polished, quite common in most of the bands that I mentioned, the material’s sense of heaviness can also be felt by its darkened nature, personal drives of emotional clarity, strong vibes of burning fear, doom, lost in translation and a measure of depression. Following these atmospheric calamities, the chunky riffs showcased on the songs aspired to be harder than ever, ever growing to become larger than life, stinging the consciousness. Though putting that little modern edge within the songs, it actually worked out for the band’s benefit while not abandoning old school traits. Melodically wise, In comparison to the previous examples, I felt that TAD MOROSE less put an attention of being harmonic, putting an additional punch on the rhythm riffing, yet when melodies emerged, those were spot on. Likewise, Ronny Hemlin’s vocal work took charge of the entire drama with such an amazing precision and excellence. After listening to his previous works in STEEL ATTACK, along with TAD MOROSE’s preceding album, without a doubt “St. Demonius” could be considered as one of his best and passionate works.

“St. Demonius” in my view doesn’t show too much articulate moments, the band’s past progressive manner paved the road to a forthright, like a fist in the face, ambition. Therefore, the tunes felt smoother, easier to consume, as those slid fairly fast one by one, but leaving a taste for more. “Your Own Demise”, the last clincher of the album, sliced me open by its vocal delivery, yet its main riff and chorus also made shiver quite a bit by its magnitude. Strongly drawing me closer to insanity was “Remain”, which reminded me why I admire those simple riffs so much, such a bombastic onslaught of the purest of Metal. “The World Is Growing Old” is the mysterious fiend lurking beneath the floors, just waiting for you to close your eyes for the night’s slumber to prepare your doom. A breathtaking flavored epos of solitude and anguish that will immerse with your senses. Also I may recommend “Bow To The Reaper's Blade” and “Where Ignorance Reigns”.

Be sure to capture one of the heaviest bands in Europe and a wonderful dramatic sequence of tight edge Power Metal.


4 Star Rating

1. Bow To The Reaper's Blade
2. Forlorn
3. Where Ignorance Reigns
4. Remain
5. Black Fire Rising
6. Day Of Reckoning
7. The Shadows Play
8. Darkness Prevail
9. Fear Subside
10. Dream of Memories
11. The World Is Growing Old
12. Your Own Demise
Christer "Krunt" Andersson - Guitars
Peter Morén - Drums
Tommi Karppanen - Bass
Ronny Hemlin - Vocals
Kenneth Jonsson - Guitars
Record Label: Despotz Records


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