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Tad Morose - Modus Vivendi (CD)

Tad Morose
Modus Vivendi
by Amy La Salla at 30 November 2003, 9:41 PM

Tad Morose, although technically power metal, have an ominsous/aggressive edge to their music that separates them from the pack. The music sinks into your subconscious and plays continually through the day, a balm for your screaming heart. It is ethereal, heavy, dark and melodic.
It isn't often that something as good as Modus Vivendi comes out. The guitarists have a great vibe and a good amount of crunch to their playing. Their music is powerful and puts your emotions in a choke hold… I even hear it in my sleep! The music has a good amount of groove to it and is very headbangable.
The singer has an unforgettable voice, eerie and sometimes gravelly. His voice is slightly reminiscent of early Savatage and The Human Factor (1991) era Metal Church.  Modus Vivendi sports thoughtful lyrics from start to finish, a welcome change from the typical fantastical elements of many power metal bands.
Time for the song by song lyrical breakdown:
Anubis is a song about being called to your death, possibly by religion. Its music has a middle eastern feel to it. Very vicious and cool!
In No Mercy the main character has been hurt one too many times and is sick at heart. He is contemplating whether or not he should seek revenge for he has been offered the means to gain it. This is my second favorite song on Modus Vivendi. It's music is as angry as the lyrics and is good action music. It is a good song to listen to when you feel fed up with things.
Afraid to Die is at it's heart about relationships. If they are strong enough, they can survive through disagreements and even death. The music flows like a stream of cool water, pushing you through the miseries of your mind. It is viciously heart-breaking. It is my third favorite song from Modus Vivendi.
Clearly Insane is about self destructing and bringing everyone else down with you. Clearly Insane is a very hard, driven song. It feels urgent and angry and pushes all the right buttons in the old brain, soothing your bruised emotions.
Cyberdome is about though it is all very nice to have pen-pals, we need to continue talking to people in person instead of hiding from them behind our computer screens. Cyberdome bobs you up and down on the hope and then loss of the main character in the song. It's prechorus and chorus are absolutely haunting!
Take On The World is a song about joining together. We have seen the need for change in our attitudes and beliefs and have made them in our own. We are the Metal-Heads and we stand together. Take On The World may well be the best song about metal brotherhood I have ever heard. Take On The World is exactly what we need after the depression of Cyberdome, an uplifting, heavy song. It gives you an energized, free feeling!
Mother Shipton's Words is a good song and is the favorite of many of my friends. It is a fast, driven song running along like the elation the main character has due to her gift of foresight.
Unwelcome Guest is a story song about a warrior who is trapped by his enemies. Does he escape? I don't know, but the song really stimulates your imagination.  You can just see the main character racing through the night, being pursued by deadly foes! It is also very vicious and makes my headbangometer go off like crazy! Very good!
Life In A Lonely Grave, my favorite song from Modus Vivendi, is about the desire for life and the inability to have it. Hard, epic and sick with sorrow, this track is the perfect song to listen to when you feel lost. Its deep, depressing tones sounds like the knell of doom and the singer's voice lifts you into the sky and lets you look back down at the world.  
When The Spirit Rules The World is a continuation of the previous song's storyline, about feeling out of control. It is aggressive and has a giant melody!

4 Star Rating

No Mercy
Afraid To Die
Clearly Insane
Take On The World
Mother Shipton's Words
Unwelcome Guest
Life in a Lonely Grave
When The Spirit Rules The World
Rainbow Daemon (Bonus Track)
Knowing Me, Knowing You (Bonus Track)
Losing More Than You Ever Had (Bonus Track)
Christer 'Krunt' Andersson - Guitars
Urban Breed - Vocals
Anders Modd - Bass
Peter Morιn - Drums
Daniel Olsson - Guitars
Record Label: Century Media


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