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Tainted Lady – Sounds Like Freedom//Feels Like War

Tainted Lady
Sounds Like Freedom//Feels Like War
by Dave Nowels at 03 November 2019, 2:59 PM

TAINTED LADY is a pretty standard classic Hard Rock/Metal band hailing from Denmark. The band cites their influences as branching over multiple eras of  heavy music, primarily the mid to late 70's and 80's.  The result is their new Soren Anderson produced “Sounds Like Freedom//Feels Like War”. This is the band's second release, and was intended to highlight what the band saw as their strengths; big vocal arrangements, live-recorded production and meaningful lyrical content.

The album's subject matter is a social justice warrior's wet dream and quite a juxtaposition overall. The feel of the album is interesting. The songs are very hook laden and melodic. The songs are played well and definitely show that the 5 piece has talent. The album is well produced and mixed, it just has no real bite to it. It's just pretty “vanilla” overall. As an example, lets look at the first single, “Hey Mr. Music Man”. A slow acoustic feeling ballad that drips with radio play-ability. Think EXTREME's “More Than Words”. It's just that this song is far too boring and “vanilla”, and also highlights the album's main weakness. Repetitiveness.

How many times can the band repeat the chorus? Whatever you think is a good guess, double it. Or triple it. I lost track how often this happens. It rears it's head again in “Kiowa Warrior”, which in and of itself, is an odd song, with lyrics focused on the Vietnam War and returning vets. Dutch young men singing about a war that precedes their existence. “Down To The River” also suffers from the repetition, and then there's the weird breakdown portion which negates it's interesting 60's flower power vibe. “Down To The River” also uses a hand clapping portion in it's final verses, as if to incite a sing-along. I can't believe the producer thought that was a good idea. It returns in “Lonely Bird”. Just say no.

TAINTED LADY have a lot of talent, that much is very clear. With “Sounds Like Freedom//Feels Like War”, though the band seems lost in their eras and ideas, with far too many missteps. Too repetitive, too vanilla and too cheesy for my tastes.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 5
Memorability: 5
Production: 6

2 Star Rating

1. Seven Billion Souls
2. Hey Mr. Music Man
3. Building a Machine
4. Kiowa Warrior
5. Down To The River
6. Song of Reckoning pt. II
7. Revolution (Love Pollution)
8. Fever Dream
9. Flowerchild
10. Lonely Bird
Michael Catton - Vocals
Jonatan Shoshan - Guitar
Anders Frank - Guitar
Daniel Bach - Bass
Fred Over – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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