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Take It Back! - Can't Fight Robots (CD)

Take It Back!
Can't Fight Robots
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 15 September 2008, 9:46 AM

This is the first time I come across this label and of course the first thing I did was check Facedown Records and see which genre it specializes in. Among many unknown bands, I found XDEATHSTARX, a great Hardcore band that kicked my ass with its 2004 album The Triumph. The fact is we're not here for them, but to take a look at TAKE IT BACK!'s latest full-length release.

TAKE IT BACK! is a Christian Hardcore band from Arkansas, and I admit that I read some rather funny statements by the band like let Jesus love you and such stuff. I won't start judging their beliefs of course, since they are free to believe and support whatever they like. Music wise now, the band plays a kind of melodic Hardcore which draws influences from bands like COMEBACK KID and RISE AGAINST. There are both beatdown as well as classic Punk moments that drive away any suspicions of monotony.

Also, the use of more than one vocalist adds various emotions on the songs, since the one sings in a classic aggressive Hardcore way and the other one sings in a more melodic style. The thing is that the band didn't manage to keep me 100% interested throughout the whole album, since this kind of music is nothing I haven't heard before and this whole melodic Hardcore style is not really my cup of tea. I guess this album is only for fans that like this kind of shit. Metalheads will probably find nothing interesting in here…

3 Star Rating

Standing On The Edge Of Hope
Times Have Changed
Together, Burning Bright!
These Days
Lights In This Town
A New Day
The Truth
Knees To The Earth
Times Waits For No Man
A Struggle To Stay Standing
Act Your Age, Not Your Shoe Size
All That Keeps Us Strong
Zack - Vocals
Andy - Guitar, Vocals
Daniel - Guitar
Nick - Bass, Vocals
Josh - Drums
Record Label: Facedown Records


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