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Tales and Legends - Struggle Of The Gods Award winner

Tales and Legends
Struggle Of The Gods
by Andrew Harvey at 27 December 2021, 5:45 AM

TALES AND LEGENDS are a power metal band consisting of four members including PATRICK J SELLEBY, formerly of BLOODBOUND plus CARLOS FIGUS, NICOLA PINAS and ANDREA ATZORI. It was ANDREA ATZORI who came to establish this band in the year of 2019 and before they had released a single titled WINTER STYLE. They are very much a new band fresh from the cities of Sardinia and Cagliari in Italy but now they have released their debut album titled STRUGGLE OF THE GODS.

The album is perhaps based on Norse Mythology, specifically the myth of Set & Horus, the Hawk god and Greek god named Artemis. The album opens with a narrator's voice speaking with such charisma and authority as to the myth of Set & Horus, being told in the beginning of “Creation Divine” with a synth background plus string orchestration. Drums and guitar join in with the instruments already playing but then move onto the second track.

“Epic Ride Of Horus” excites us more with wonderful melodies and keyboard accompaniment with an elegant twist. “The Fighters” opening with angelic voices and holy atmosphere, also featuring mid to high range vocals in pitch. The guitar is delightful and has that power metal or glam rock dynamic but the rhythm comes from clear concise drumming. Lyrically speaking the words are clearly symbolic and are majestic with cut throat drum hits, keyboard and melodic guitar.

Organ sounds come into play too yet the revolving guitar peaks stand out too. “Tales And Legends” being the same as the band's group has more colourful tones as before, vocals with passion and keyboard more varied in pitch. The vocal harmonies and words are in the spotlight, they do well to speak up. The narrator’s voice returns with accompanying angelic voices, before guitar guides the melody and tone with sensational pitch on vibrato. “Holy Temple” a shorter segment with double kick driving the drums on rhythm to more progressive elements.

This rhythm sets the groundwork and is layered with guitar, bass working their magic touch plus acoustic guitar appearing briefly. Guitar becomes the soloist and leads the way into the next track. “Land Of Thunder” is more clinical and precise with guitar & keys playing in unison with riveting drum tracks. There is more thumping bass or lower end to the tone and accenting on drums or keyboards. The power metal element returns with confidence and brilliance of guitar or drums.

“The Seven Gates” has a more orchestrated ensemble of classical instruments like string, horns and double kick rhythm combined again brings out the metal elements. “Return To Fly” with earth-moving rhythm and the absence of vocals is different but still good as the guitar melody continues. Guitar guides the narrative with vocals symbolizing themes of Greek or Norse mythology. Now into the next track which is “Flames In The Fire” starting with more somber guitar and vocals like a folklore tune sung with the burning desire at heart of the track hence the lyrics.

The rhythm becomes the center of attention and varies to stand out more and the track leads into the next track which is the penultimate track. Marching drums rhythm introduces “United Against The Enemy” then evolves into a double kick rhythm accompanied by vocals, some guitar & bass guitar. Even keys play a more arpeggiated rhythm with guitar shrieking more. The momentum and drive is strong and used to the band's advantage.

Finally coming to the finale titled “Struggle Of The Gods” begins with harmonic or orchestrated foundations; string plucks, flute perhaps, angelic voices before the thunderous clash of all instruments. This track is almost like a symphonic ending or encore rich in texture, layered with musical elements of vocals, guitar, bass guitar & drums plus keyboard. Guitar and drums carry the majority of heavier sounds also thicker and then vocals or keys take the blend of symphonic or power metal uniting them. Then the devilish narrator speaks again with what sounds like processed sounds and vocals echoing through the mix.

Overall a wonder sound and surprisingly magical and mysterious, at times you can predict what comes but then other occasions you can’t as much. Simply staggering and very well arranged, the musicality and atmosphere was captured stunningly. Look out for these guys because they sound very promising. Wow!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Creation Divine
2. Epic Ride of Horus
3. The Fighters
4. Tales And Legends
5. Holy Temple
6. Land Of Thunder
7. The Seven Gates
8. Return To Fly
9. Flames Of The Fire
10. United Against The Enemy
11. Struggle Of The Gods
Patrick J Selleby - Vocals
Carlo Figus - Guitar & Vocals
Nicola Pinas - Bass Guitar
Andrea Atzori - Keys & Vocals
Michele Sanna - Drums
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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