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Tamarisk - Breaking the Chains Award winner

Breaking the Chains
by Tatianny Ruiz at 14 May 2018, 6:03 AM

As I always comment in many reviews the diversity of bands and sounds within Rock and Metal is a broad factor and in the same measure little noticed, or little explored, the reasons are innumerable, from closed doors of record companies to little public interest for what is out of the mainstream, which in my opinion has always been a "disgrace" to many amazing bands that have passed away from the public eye, and even the so-called NWOBHM, "oh god, I hate this term", for many this was a brotherhood right? Wrong! A lot of people have been left out of this circuit and it is inevitable to think that if the phonographic market was broader at that time how different the scenario would be now. Well … but this is "past waters" and we can still rescue the self the world did not listen, so welcome to know TAMARISK, and the result of past work remastered that now finally in 2018 has come to life and deserves your attention.

The TAMARISK band is one of the time-lost gems of Hard Rock and British heavy metal. Featuring elements of great bands like MARILLION, MAGNUM and varying between Progressive, Pomp Hard Rock and Heavy metal, it's what I call the perfect mix. Synthesizers, reflexive vocals, deep loaded melodies. Defining with looks in style mates, TAMARISK is a crack between ALAN PARSON, RUSH, many other weight names. Outstanding singer Andy Grant, who along with keyboardist Steve Leigh were members of another NWOBHM Cult band, CHEMICAL ALICE, agreed to reissue their two classic demos, remastered from the original master tapes, on vinyl and CD, with bonus tracks and participation of the great THUNDER's Luke Morley, and undoubtedly the result is what every Progressive lover hopes to hear, a deep album that you can keep flirting and fall in love with on this journey.

The TAMARISK CD was released in mid-January 2018 and the vinyl version shortly after, and that's a precious piece for your collection, rest assured, because we're not talking about another typically good band but a deep sound trip , a return in time, to the time that music was composed of feelings, deep inspiration. Press the play and wake up to "An Alien Heat", and as the dogs bark, the bells beat, start your journey to psychedelic lines while in the background the choirs seem to summon the higher spirit of Progressive. And all this becomes more charged in "Royal Flush", and here are the synthesizers in action, how gratifying to listen to something like that in the middle of 2018 knowing that it traveled in time and yet be as fresh as any new band.

The calmer and pragmatic "M.O.J.O. (The Death Of An American Prayer)" enters this album as a ghost of the past, a long introduction, the works of the keyboards reign supreme here. And I'm forced to say "No Room At The Top" sounds so spicy and invigorating, that brings me all the good feeling about URIAH HEEP and YES back out, TAMARISK certainly deserved his name in the sun with these great titans of the style. But we need to go a little further in this incredible work to understand why they should be in the hall of NWOBHM, the reason for which is based on the title track "Breaking The Chains", the guitar sounds magnificent here. It is clear that it is unnecessary to mention so many titans of the music talk about TAMARISK, but at the same time this is a good point to be observed, for yes, many excellent bands have passed away from our ears and probably they would be on your shelf at the moment if the music industry recognized better and expanded the limits, but it is still time for this, and this is a precious material that deserves the place in the sun.

Highlight for the tracks: "Taxis For Janet", "It Was Never There" and "A Christmas Carol"

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9


4 Star Rating

1. An Alien Heat
2. Royal Flush
3. M.O.J.O. (The Death Of An American Prayer)
4. No Room At The Top
5. Ascension
6. A Christmas Carol
7. Breaking The Chains
8. Taxis For Janet
9. Total Coverage
10. Bandana In Chains
11. It Was Never There
Andy Grant – Vocals
Steve Lelght – Keyboards
Luke Rayner - Guitar
Marc Cell – Drums
Chris Davies – Bass
Record Label: Cult Metal Classics


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Edited 18 May 2022

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