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Tamerlan - Ain Award winner

by Michael Coyle at 18 August 2014, 1:02 PM

Through doing reviews I have been given the chance to review some of the most unique and interesting albums out there, through being given these chances I have found new music and an interest in what they have to offer. Today is no different but even still a very unique piece none the less, I give you TAMERLAN's "Ain".

We start off with "Eternal", from listening to the album a few times I decided to start with this track as it has a very atmospheric backing to it as well as a very haunting feel, I felt that the song itself has a very old country touch to it, almost like a traveling song for a journey not yet finished, or a memory best forgotten, nonetheless I found it to be very soothing and I find that it is one of my favorites of off this incredible display of one man's imagination come to life, very much so this is something else altogether, it has a very old touch to it, yet it feels as if the artist himself was creating a story for the listeners to follow.

We continue with the song "The Inner Sunrise Ritual", what I found from this track was a peaceful comfort of masterful musicianship and creativity, I find that the vocals have a very saddened touch as if holding something back while forcing the idea out, this intrigued me as I find this musician has created an idea which represents him in many different colors, through even listening to this song I felt a brief ideal of comfort and calm, I would have to say that Timur Iskandarov has an incredible imagination when it comes to writing songs.

To conclude it is best said that any person interested with melodic playing and Folk should try this album out, in every sense of the word masterpiece does not even describe this gem of an album, I would have to say this is a unique piece of music.

5 Star Rating

1. Eternal
2. The Countless Reflections of Non Matter
3. Dance Of The Twilight Stars
4. My Estranged Sanctuary
5. Thy Kingdom Come
6. Children Of The Lesser God
7. Thus The Soul Awakes
8. The Inner Sunrise Ritual
9. Ignite The Dawn
Tamerlan (Timur Iskandarov) - Guitars, Lute, Keyboards, And All Other Sounds.
Record Label: Debemur Morti Productions


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