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Tamrah Aeryn - Typical Gurl (CD)

Tamrah Aeryn
Typical Gurl
by Eleni Mouratoglou at 12 July 2004, 10:36 PM

Tamrah Aeryn originates from Minnesota, USA and she was trained classically. But she preferred writing and performing her own songs; therefore she rejected a piano scholarship and tried to sign with a record company. She finally managed to get a contract with the support of Lionel Hicks, who is the producer and drummer of Balance Of Power.
It seems that Lionel's power in Massacre Records is significant. To be sincere I don't know what to say about what I've just heard. I cannot categorize it no matter how hard I've tried over the last hour. According to a press release I read, Typical Gurl is a “crossover between alternative rock and rock-pop. I doubt that a faint ghost of an electric guitar and a glimpse of an acoustic guitar can transform it into a rock album. I also doubt that this is pop music because pop has a straight appeal to the listener. What is for sure is that it is alternative; it alternates between annoyance and boredom. There is no rhythm, no performing style, no particular musical form or melodic structure. Nothing is to be remembered. I bet the singer herself had to read the lyrics in the studio.
Mrs Aeryn's voice is a pain in the ear and a challenge for your patience. If you are tough enough to bare it, then…sweet dreams! Tamrah is trying to chirp like a bird. When Lene Lovich sang The Bird Song almost 25 years ago, she became the goddess of a restricted audience of Electro-Darkwave fans. When Nina Hagen coughed and sneezed in another cult hymn of the 80's in German language, she became the priestess of kitch. But we live in 2004. And anyway, in these two cases there was a voice with potential and an uncommon personality that helped out. Eventually, we are not in the late 90's either, when anybody could take a guitar and sing a boring and meaningless thing and suddenly find himself in the soundtrack of TV series like Dawson's Creek.
The presence of a piano in all the tracks shows that she hasn't lost her interest in it. So, whenever another scholarship is available she should definitely grab it!

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Over Now
Sateen In Mind
Typical Gurl
Mr Doublepersonality
Walk Away
Love Is An Easy Bed
Valley Bridge
Tamrah Aeryn - Vocals, Piano, Keyboard & Acoustic Guitars
Chris Dale and Tony Richie - Bass
Pete Southern - Guitars
Lionel Hicks - Drums  
Record Label: Massacre Records


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