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Tan Kozh - Lignages Oubliés

Tan Kozh
Lignages Oubliés
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 21 November 2019, 6:29 AM

There are two main ways of playing Pagan/Folk Metal: the one where bands use traditional musical instruments and melodies to create the Pagan/Folk ambiences; and those who use Pagan/Folk themes on the lyrics, and the music can fit on any Metal genre the reader can think of. And the French quintet TAN KOZH could be set is on the second group, as “Lignages Oubliés” shows.

Obviously that some Pagan melodies can be heard on their music (as can be detected on guitar parts of “Ecce Homo” and “Sacrifice”), but primarily, they’re a Black Metal band with a musical work based on the transition of the underground days of the genre from the rise to commercial praise. So it can be said as Pagan Black Metal band in the vein of old days (besides in some parts they are too near of what AMON AMARTH plays). And although their musical work still needs some maturing, it really sounds good and with energy, showing a great potential to be explored.

The band’s vocalist, Sven, mixed and mastered the album, making it sounds as a band from the old days of Pagan Black Metal, but allowing the listener to understand its musical work. The crude feeling comes from the instrumental tunes used on the recording sessions. “De Brest à Brest-Litovsk” with its “storming-like” fast parts (with very good shrieked vocals and guitars), the Pagan feeling inspired by the guitars on “Ecce Homo”, the sharp aggressive rhythmic changes of “…Et La Haine Nous Sauvera Tous…” and of “Équinoxe” (a very good work of bass guitar and drums can be heard on both songs), and the old Black Metal ambience of “Imprécation” are the ones where their musical potential becomes clear. But when they play in a way like AMON AMARTH, as in some parts of “Sacrifice”, the band sounds as a carbon copy of the Swedish quintet (what they really don’t need to be).

Although their music needs to improve a bit more, as “Lignages Oubliés” shows, TAN KOZH has the musical talent to be great one day. Let’s hope that their next release can show it.

Musicianship: 8
Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Troisième Fonction
2. De Brest à Brest-Litovsk
3. Ecce Homo
4. …Et La Haine Nous Sauvera Tous…
5. Sacrifice
6. Équinoxe
7. Interlude
8. Viens à Moi
9. Imprécation
10. À la Gloire d’Indra
Sven - Vocals, Guitars
Barved - Guitars
Yamnah - Guitars
Introspect - Fretless Bass
Decay - Drums
Record Label: Antiq Records


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