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Tangent - Tangent

by JOGANEGAR at 11 April 2022, 5:45 AM

Releasing their first EP just a few months ago, the sound and production is a complete homage to the rocking sounds of those decades that have formed timeless classics which form the current generations of Metal and Harck Rock fans all throughout the world. As it is described in the comments posted in their only YouTube video available this could be very well be the descendant of a merger between MOTORHEAD and AC/DC; Catchy and dominant are the adjectives that best describe the opening track “Spellbreaker” which is the way this band introduces itself to the world of Metal, launches the listener into a short yet powerful journey.

The interlude to “Come Back from the Light” provides, along with the darkness produced by the voice of Iron an outstanding and thundering element to what is without a doubt, the best elaborated song by this Australian band hailing from Melbourne. Depicting a few recording and execution flaws which are almost imperceptible specially in the guitar solo of the same song, these sorts of details need to be avoided when releasing the full album as I am sure they will be taken care of when their debut album is ready to be released.

With little to no information available about this band on the web, all is left to the great field of imagination where all the bands lived before we started getting overwhelmed with information, which allows for various things to happen in a sensory manner rather than a visual one, which is finally what music should really be about and which will allow the listener to address this album in a more organic way. The band is introduced with some seasoned musicians that have previously paved the way for what is this current project, which now can proudly say that it is one of the proud survivors of a historical time in which concerts were stopped worldwide and bands took refuge in their studio creating a hope for the future for millions of people all across the globe.

The relentless energy of youth can be felt throughout their whole work and hopefully it will be the power by which they are driven for many, many more years to come. A long and marvelous path of possibilities lies ahead for this band and for everything which they decide to do in the future, the best thing about the anticipation before a debut album is right in the palm of your hand.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Spellbreaker
2. Come Back from the Light
3. Like Dreams in the Day
4. Sabotage
Iron – Vocals and Bass
Fongy - Guitars
Hog  - Drums
Record Label: Dying Victims Productions


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