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Tank - Power of the Hunter (Reissue)

Power of the Hunter (Reissue)
by Chris Hawkins at 28 June 2022, 1:43 AM

Classic Heavy Metal is timeless.  No matter how many times one listens to “Powerslave,” “Bastards,” and “Holy Diver,” those albums never get old!  One of the most fortuitous movements in the perpetuation of this hallowed genre was the rise of NWOBHM.  While names like IRON MAIDEN and DEF LEPPARD are recognizable to even the unindoctrinated, other lesser-known bands contributed prodigiously to the evolution of Heavy Metal.  One such band is the UK’s TANK.

TANK formed in London in 1980.  By 1982, the band had released two full lengths including the subject of this review, their second, “Power of the Hunter”.  Their sound was steeped in the rawness and grime of MOTORHEAD, and that Punk-styled ethos was certainly carried forward in their camp as well.  Thankfully, High Roller Records has decided to reissue this powerful sophomore release.

The album begins with a unique track, “Walking Barefoot Over Glass,” a raucous opening shot off the bow.  The album thus evolves in a gradual manner leading the listener through a tunnel of high-octane barn burning.  “Pure Hatred” follows close on its heels and continues the party.  The way the album is arranged, there is a definite feeling of momentum building.  The ever-forward velocity makes for a natural feeling of an entangling narrative.  As the album plays on, the listener becomes more and more entrenched in the proceedings.

The production of the album is typical of four decades ago.  It therefore feels reminiscent     of other classics yet with its own special vibe.  The bass and guitar lock in nicely to propel the bad boy boogie onward.

Another highlight is the fifth track, “T.A.N.K.,” an instrumental showing the band firing on all cylinders.  “Used Leathers” follows and embodies a working-class appeal that speak to the band’s roots.  The album surely has its own flavor!

Power of the Hunter” may never receive its just due in the annals of Heavy Metal.  For collectors and aficionados, though, this rerelease is a must-have.  Those interested in listening to the macro evolution of Heavy Metal should definitely take note of this impactful release.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  8
Memorability:  7
Production:  7

4 Star Rating

1. Walking Barefoot Over Glass
2. Pure Hatred
3. Biting and Scratching
4. Some Came Running
5. T.A.N.K.
6. Used Leather (Hanging Loose)
7. Crazy Horses
8. Set Your Back on Fire
9. Red Skull Rock
10. Power of the Hunter
Algy Ward – Vocals/Bass
Mick Tucker – Guitars
Cliff Evans – Guitars
Bruce Bisland – Drums
Record Label: High Roller Records


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Edited 08 December 2022

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