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Tankard - Chemical Invasion (Reissue)

Chemical Invasion (Reissue)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 01 November 2017, 10:54 PM

A lot of beer can be spilled in a period of a year, because setting a limit is for the weak. Crossing into 1987, and the TANKARD camp already asserted itself as a pack of wild drunken Metalheads looking for sweetest bitter taste and a whole lot of Thrash Metal moshing. Taking lead after their debut “Zombie Attack”, the Germans didn’t get anywhere serious with their second coming of “Chemical Invasion”. On the other hand, it was evident that musically there has been a slight drift of change, getting the band close to the platter of German Thrash Metal and a bit less into some of their Punk / Rock roots.

I believe that “Chemical Invasion” displayed TANKARD as a much unified songwriting unit, perfecting their songs to sound a bit different than one another, in comparison to the stubbornness featured on the debut. It is possible that the guys knew that being overly consistent wouldn’t bring in better results in the long run and therefore a few changes took place. The songs became a bit catchier, the gang like vocals worked like charm and certain that the audience devoured the simple lyrics, and the rise of aggression, at least some of the time, became evident. The album displays the usual themes of the band, adding up their utter dismay from betrayal and fractured personal relationships, and of course, how can they survive without the power of alcohol and cynicism at their side? I know I couldn’t, a few of the main reasons to enjoy their material.

The self-titled tune, “Chemical Invasion”, commenced after an explosive intro, an essence of drunken Bluesy fun, right before eaten away by sullied moshing. In order to fight for your right to drink your beer, you have to take action, and it is bound by Thrashing around and joking about it. This is a Thrash Metal anthem among drunken Thrash Metal fans, and it would be hard not to fall by its crooked charms. Covering an old Punk tune seemed like a regular day in the office for TANKARD, giving praise for the old hit song “Alcohol”, originally written by the American Punk band GANG GREEN. Though not being one of the top in their trade, their tune was highly celebrated and was provided with a great version. TANKARD really energized that one good. “For A Thousand Beers” caught me a bit off guard, didn’t expect anything of the sorts at the band’s savage stage. Over the fields of endless beer, TANKARD appeared to be drawn to British Metal influences, mostly of the first two IRON MAIDEN albums. This is an instrumental piece of technical and melodic merits that are beyond the Punked up Thrash presentations that have been the band’s emblem. “Don’t Panic” explores the harshness of the German Thrash Metal devastation of the period along with its rawness, whether erupting with immense speed or mid-tempo chug heaviness while Punk still shares a space on the table. “Total Addiction” is raising the bar towards the purity of a Thrash Metal onslaught, bashing speed and screaming banshees, an aggressive heavy opener after a good night’s puke. Others recommended: “Farewell To A Slut”, “Tantrum” and “Puke”.

One great step for man, one giant step towards another liter mug of satisfying beer. The invasion of chemicals is a point in TANKARD’s career where they became even musically mightier than before. Getting in line with their brothers of Thrash in their local scene, The Morning After was soon to take place.


4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Total Addiction
3. Tantrum
4. Don’t Panic
5. Puke
6. For A Thousand Beers
7. Chemical Invasion
8. Farewell To A Slut
9. Traitor
10. Alcohol (Gang Green Cover)
11. Outro
Andreas “Gerre” Geremia - Vocals
Axel Katzmann - Guitars
Andy Boulgaropoulos - Guitars
Frank Thorwarth - Bass
Oliver Werner - Drums
Record Label: Noise Records


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