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Tanna - Storm in Paradise

Storm in Paradise
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 14 July 2020, 12:21 PM

TANNA formed in Finland in 1982. The had several releases through 2004, and then a long hiatus. They are back again with a new line-up for the album “Storm in Paraside,” which contains thirteen new tracks. The title track leads us off, with a clap of rumbling thunder, then those guitars and keys come in. Tapani has some wonderful pipes, and the production is stellar. The chorus is rich and full, like any good AOR should be. The mix of guitar and keys is perfect, and the guitar solo plays on that melody line so well. These are seasoned musicians for sure.

“Silhouettes” is a mid-tempo, more emotive piece. It has tender notes and Tapani’s vocals are in the lower range to create that effect of touchy and classy. “Run like Hell Tonight” opens with keys and soft vocals. They turn it up in the chorus, as Tapani stretches out a bit. Another fantastic guitar solo burns the fretboard. The bridge to the next part of the song is tender and poignant. “Like Kim Kardashian” must have a story behind it that I am not aware of. I get the feeling that Tapani could really wail if he wanted to, but he lets the instruments tell the story for the most part. The harmonic lead guitars really shine here on this song. “Got the moves like Kim Kardashian” is what stands out here.

“Hispaniola (Treasure Island)” opens with a bluesy rhythm and clean guitars. It feels like Southern Rock a bit for me. “Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rum” he croons. This song definitely reflects the title in the music. “This Town ain’t Big Enough” hits you with a big guitar sound out of the gates. “Suffocated” he screams. It must be about the way that someone makes him feel. The guest female vocals are a nice surprise, and they play with one another back and forth. “Mysterious Fire” is a mid-tempo rocker with a steady pulse, and a good mix of key and guitars. The keys shine brightly here. It’s a chill little song with a catchy melody.

“On the Backstreets” moves slowly and cautiously, like life on the backstreets might be. You wander aimlessly for miles, passing the homeless, and drug dealers, all the while pondering your existence in this world. The guitar solo soars into the heavens. “Sharks in the Water” is another mid-temp song with plenty of tender tones in the keys. The bass guitar notes can clearly be heard but the keys shine brightest here. “Lonely Day” is a faster song with plenty of grind in the guitars and keys. It creates a memorable sound that is both catchy and fun. “Old and Grey” is a shorter song that still breathes with a lot of life. The chorus is bluesy and fun, and the instruments kick in with some backing vocals. “I know what I’m going to do when I’m old and grey” he croons.

“The Last Mile” is another mid-tempo song, of which there are just too many on the album. But, it has a tough sound with a big chorus and some vocal harmonies present. “Nights on the Road” is the tender closing song. It probably refers to the travel woes of a band. Some light sax notes support the heavy guitar strikes. It’s a pretty and reflective song. Overall, 13 songs is a lot for an album, but you can tell the band is re-energized with the new line-up and that they pour their hearts into their music. There weren’t, however, a lot of memorable moments, but also there really weren’t any bad songs either. For a band with this much mileage, they managed to pull off a nice AOR sound on the album that I would recommend you check out.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 5
Production: 9

3 Star Rating

1. Storm in Paradise
2. Silhouettes
3. Run like Hell Tonight
4. Like Kim Kardashian
5. Hispaniola (Treasure Island)
6. This Town ain’t Big Enough
7. Mysterious Fire
8. On the Backstreets
9. Sharks in the Water
10. Lonely Day
11. Old and Grey
12. The Last Mile
13. Nights on the Road
Jukka Ihme – Guitar
Ville Hanhisuanto – Drums
Mika Pohjola – Keyboards
Jaakko Konttila – Bass
Tapani "Tanna" Tikkanen – Vocals, Guitar
Record Label: AOR Heaven


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