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Tantrum - Devirginized Award winner

by Craig Rider at 03 January 2016, 12:49 PM

What's up Death 'n' Thrash Metal maniacs? I'm here once again to give you an insight on this new German quintet known as TANTRUM.

You might be thinking, tantrum? That's not a very Metal band name. But behind that name lies a brutal interior of hardened steel; this band mean business. While they are fresh new take for the Metal community; they are certainly worth checking out.

TANTRUM combine the Death 'n' Thrash formula very well. They have rhythm, power, skill and technique. There's no compromises, just straight up “in-your-face” Death Metal. If you love the greats: DEATH, CANNIBAL CORPSE, and so on. TANTRUM will be right up your alley.

Johannes " Jo " has typical but brilliant Death Metal and Thrash Metal vocals that are so brutal that he could be on par with the greats; if he works hard enough, this could be well accomplished. Mike Ms and Till R pump out some incredibly powerful riffs, and with the combined talent of Braun S on bass and Mirror D smashing the crap out of his drums; we have ourselves a powerhouse of epic proportions. Not only that, but this is a band that know how to sound good and make you want to go see them Live. For a new band; they certainly know how to produce a perfect sound production that's groovy, and again, outright powerful.

So “Devirginized” is nothing short of spectacular; but it's very short, obviously it's an EP as it only has 5 songs, but it's a nice teaser to get you pumped up for their hopeful - full length release in the future. “Time To Fight” really got me going with their inner powerful, but deadly Death Metal trademark. With an introduction that made me think… come on.. I finally got slapped around the face with some epic sounding Death Metal that made me thrash about a bit. The sound production made me think oh yes - this is that raw but rough sound I crave for in Death Metal, and Thrash Metal as well. Think of it as if you was seeing a newly created band Live for the first time - usually the sound is like that and it sounds glorious.

While “Look Further” and “Rebel” are typical thrashers - “The Way” and “Cursed In Eternity” implemented in some atmospheric elements; TANTRUM have shown me that they're a force to be reckoned with and for a new band, I'm very surprised at what they have created for an early EP. Don't be deceived by the title of the band, TANTRUM mean business. When you have power in your musical integrity and musicianship, the consumer shouldn't be surprised that a band have delivered a fine piece of work such as “Devirginized” is.

So check it out, any Metal fan will love this.


4 Star Rating

1. Time To Fight
2. Look Further
3. Rebel
4. The Way
5. Cursed In Eternity
Johannes " Jo " - Vocals
Meik M. - Guitar
Till R. - Guitar
Rauno S. - Bass
Mirko D. - Drums
Record Label: Inverse Records


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