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Tantrum - Self-Titled

by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 21 January 2013, 3:53 PM

Ask yourself this question; Do you like bands like MOTLEY CRUE, SKID ROW or any Glam Metal of the 80s? If yes you are in the right place, if not you are still in the right place cause I think I can change your mind.

For a decent price I can send you guys back into memory lane, but wait, only today you can get this Glam / Hair Metal band straight from 2013 and not from the 80s, sound like a good deal? It’s a good deal even great, stay tuned. So TANTRUM  aren’t a new, TANTRUM was initially formed in 1989 by brothers Mike (guitar and main songwriter) and Steve Rian (drums) and their new effort consists of songs originally released independently.

“Sweet 16” start with a crazy 80s intro solo and changes to crazy Glam riffing, epic, Mike Chapin on vocals shows some great ability and very similar sound to MOTLEY CRUE’s frontman Vince Neil however there are glimpses of the amazing Sebastian Bach. “Skydiver” starts off with SKID ROW style riffing and again Mike Chapin’s vocals are amazing with sturdily diapason, the songs has a great riffing and 80s oriented solo that I really missed.

The best song no doubt is “Risk Whiskey“ that begins off with a soaring screaming from Chapin and SKID ROW heavy riffing, the songs itself remind of the old SKID ROW sound and style in 100% and that’s not a bad idea. In addition Mike Rian’s solos and riffing can blast a rocket to earth orbit no doubt. Please wait to the end of the song for one hell of a Chapin’s screaming, damn it’s epic.

In any good or even bad Glam Metal album there is a Flash ripping ballad, so TANTRUM didn’t disappoint “Who'll Stop The Rain”, classic acoustic guitar ballad and don’t forget the sad rhythm and lyrics, “Who'll Stop the Rain” really sent me back to the 80s and I almost used my lighter like in classic Glam live shows, thankfully I reminded that I’m in the office and I restrained myself. “Day Dreamer” sound like a mockup of SKID ROW’s “Monkey Business”, however don’t be mistaken as the songs stand tall mainly cause of the massive Mike Chapin’s vocals.

Honorable mention goes to “Uzer” classic mix between SKID ROW and MOTLEY CRUE. All that is written above is right for “Uzer”, but again I have to say great vocals and guitars.“Pictures of Yesterday” is kind of a strange bird, it’s still a Glam Metal song but more in the vein of WARRANT and CINDERELLA, though it is still great.

So I will have to give this one an 8. This album is great and even amazing, however there is nothing new just taking the 80s Glam and reissue it in a new album. Don’t be mistaken, it is a fine effort by these guys.

4 Star Rating

1. Sweet 16
2. Partyin'
3. Skydiver
4. Risk Whiskey
5. Who'll Stop the Rain
6. Day Dreamer
7. Uzer
8. Next of Kin
9. Pictures of Yesterday
Mike Chapin- Vocals
Mike Rian- Guitar
Scott Hummel- Bass
Steve Rian- Drums
Record Label: Demon Doll Records


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