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Tapewhore – Tapewhore Award winner

by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 25 April 2015, 1:17 AM

To create something new into Metal is not an easy work. No, never is, for breaking down barriers and limits (the main source of creative power is to transcend all older conceptions on any type of art, mind you all) demands an open mind and a musical eclecticism that not turns a person tied to the past. And in the past lies no answers for Metal’s future. Of course you can have some influences from bands, it’s a clear point, but you must do things on your own. Metal needs new heroes before the old ones are gone. All these worlds fit extremely well on the work of the Italian project TAPEWHORE, for what we hear in “Tapewhore”, maybe is way for a new future to come.

Here, musical experimentalism and chaos are the main words. No, here the bounds are broken piece by piece, and the conceptions of “this is Metal” and/or “This is not Metal” do not exist. On this album, the total mix of old ways with new ones never seen is the main feature. Clean vocals mix with low grunts and some high pitched screams, along with changes of rhythm from noisy to extreme brutal and calm, clean and tender ones. On their work, you must attain your attention to the whole picture of it. If you try to focus your attention in only one instrumental or vocal part, you’ll get lost for sure. But under all this chaos, there’s coherence, a musical idea that is must be reached. And it is, be sure of that. Maybe you can say that “Tapewhore” is where New Metal, Thrash and Hardcore get united with some Jazz and Progressive elements, and even some Pop touches are presented. The cauldron is boiling, so be prepared.

In terms of quality of sound, it’s very clean, and you’ll understand every musical detail on the album. But be sure that it has a heavy and oppressive grasp when they have to get extremely heavy.

Along with Enrico and Alessandro, there are members from INFERNAL POETRY, DARK LUNACY, THE SHELL COLLECTOR, RESURRECTURIS, BRAIN and former members from EPHEL DUATH. So the big band blast of musical influences turns the audition of songs like “School Daze”, the brutality called “Unplugged” (but pay attention in rhythmic changes and the variations done by the vocals), the incredible “Matching Sidewalks” (great guitar works here, in a chaotic and brutal song). But again I must say that you must pay attention to the whole picture, to forget to study it instrument by instrument. No, if you do that, you’ll never understand their work.

Just listen, enjoy it and see the future coming soon…

4 Star Rating

1. Lorgnette
2. School Daze
3. Unplugged
4. Lent in Paris
5. Matching Sidewalks
6. Dayrider
7. Skeleton Love
8. Hand and Glove With Mothers
9. We Don’t Need No Consolation
10. The Pirates Song
11. Afterglow
12. Emesis Divina
Enrico Tiberi – All instruments
Alessandro Vagnoni – Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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