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Taran - Taran Award winner

by Mike Coyle at 29 March 2015, 1:18 AM

Today folks we have something which defines the idea of modern Black Metal in two thousand and fifteen, with heavy and melodic riffs as well as thunderous drum beats we have a band that is able to show us the force of aggression, this is TARAN with their new, self-titled record.

The first track we are looking into first is the albums second track "Reign of Hellfire". From the very start we are plunged into a vicious cycle of fury and rage from what I can only describe as a storm of dark energy that just takes you by the hair and ravages every sense until there is nothing left, this song follows the tradition of classic Black Metal inspiration giving the listener everything they need to take control and follow the beat of this ravenous creation that is a true "Reign Of Hellfire" crushing down onto the land. The vocal work from singer Armagog is beyond impressive as for me it sounds as if this one man is inspired by so many different bands such as MARDUK and WATAIN, this mixture of sound creates a pressure which for me brings it all together perfectly, all in all though this is a great way to crush an opposition as well as showing that Black metal is still growing stronger in the twenty-first century.

The next track I wanted to go into next is the fourth track "March Of Shadows". As with the last track there is a fast and traditional beat which continues to prove that the classic vanguard of Black Metal is still growing with the ages and this track certainly proves just that. The one thing you can take from this track is that it has a very dark melody to it which shows the bands inspiration from MARDUK but as well there is this strong and original power which I feel defines this song and the band themselves as it shows that with what they have taken from other bands they have fused with themselves to produce a natural creation which is just incredible to listen to, with a lot of new age Black metal bands they have all found their voice but not so many have which shows that TARAN  have indeed succeeded in doing just that with this record and especially this track.

So to conclude… It isn't every day we see a band like TARAN  release something this incredible as it holds the classic feel sound and look of the first wave but carries the force and strength of the second wave which shows that this is a band that have taken their time in crafting a sound and style to which defines them, I can say without a doubt this is a must have for any Black metal fan and I will certainly be hunting down a copy for myself.

5 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Reign of Hellfire
3. Dominus Muscarum
4. March Of Shadows
5. Divine Plague
6. Popioły 2014 A.Y.P.S.
7. The Black Mark
8. …Of Sin
9. Outro
10. Unsilent Storm In The North Abyss (Immortal Cover)
Nechrist - Guitars
Drac - Bass
Armagog - Vocals
Zaala - Drums
Record Label: Odium Records


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