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Tarantula - Spiral Of Fear

Spiral Of Fear
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 26 March 2012, 11:59 PM

TARANTULA, it is not a new name in the worldwide Metal scene and certainly not to their local Metal scene in Portugal. Over the years I have a had a few occasions where I saw their albums being sold in several venues, whether festivals and even local stores here in Israel, yet I have never had the chance to listen. Their eighth album, "Spiral Of Fear", via their new label of IceWarrior Records, presented me a Heavy Metal band that seem to have been driven away from the traditional way of producing Heavy Metal into a world colored grey. Since I can't make any comparisons to their older releases, which I only read about as critically acclaimed yet as many out there probably know that many of these critics are merely a publicity maneuver, "Spiral Of Fear" will remain by itself.

Honestly, even after scouring through their history, which began in the early 80s, it didn't catch my attention until the first crunchy cord of the opening track of "Dark Age". It didn't bother me even for second that TARANTULA chose to sound modern as I wanted to see what they had to offer. I might add that the album was produced pretty well though I have a few suggestions like on the vocal section yet I will refrain from letting those up as it is a matter of taste. In overall, "Spiral Of Fear" sounds almost equal, in both musical direction and sound, to late 90s of the Italian ELDRITCH.

However, in comparison to the Italians, TARANTULA's music treaded even more in what I perceived as a rather more Alternative path in Metal alongside their crisscross Heavy Metal. That awkward direction should have been a hell of an idea and if it was implemented well it could have been awesome. Nonetheless, I sensed through most of the tracks a sort of a standstill and paleness. TARANTULA tried to color things up with Keyboards and effects, but it wasn't really enough to aid the music to be a little more exciting.

"Open Your Eyes" comes as the sweet flavor out of "Spiral Of Fear". Not that of a bombastic song on its own, yet with its great music, it left an impression that made its presence hard to pass on. "Hope" the ending track to this release made the finality darkened and mysterious with a ballad that electrified. "Among Us" was filled with tribal like effects and lots of flute playing and percussion. Though sounding rather repeated it showed a different reality in the band's music. I would not pass this album as it might appeal to some of you folks. It is not progressive music, yet it has a few peaks of interest that might go well if done differently.

3 Star Rating

1. Dark Age
2. Open Your Eyes
3. Shadows
4. Who You Really Are
5. Among Us
6. Spiral of Fear
7. Blind Ambition
8. Afterlife
9. Vultures
10. Hope 
Jorge Marques– Vocals
Paulo Barros– Guitars
Jose Aguiar– Bass
Luis Barros- Drums
Record Label: IceWarrior Records


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