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Tarchon Fist - Soldiers in White Award winner

Tarchon Fist
Soldiers in White
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 10 May 2023, 9:54 PM

When someone thinks about why some bands say that there trying to ‘give continuity’ to other bands’ legacies, things become clear: the ones that want to ‘give continuity’ aren’t worthy of being heard, are just clones of what already exist. To have influences and work them in a personal way is a thing, to copy is another (maybe they say that they want to ‘give continuity’ to hide the lack of personality). And the Italian quintet TARCHON FIST seems to understand this difference, as shown on their latest release, their fifth album, “Soldier in White”. The influence of IRON MAIDEN on “The Number of the Beast” era is clear, especially due the vocals and some instrumental parts (pay attention on what is heard on “The Flame Still Burns”), but as said above: even with such burden of influences, these Italian madmen are able to create something that sounds as Old School Heavy Metal, but with some touches of Old School Speed/Power Metal on its melodies.

It can be said that they explore the clichés of the genre in a way that renew things, so it’s a very good album. The sonority of “Soldiers in White” is very good, trying to fuse the organic feeling of the past (something that allows the hearers to understand that there are five guys playing, not a computer) with modern definition and clarity. The final result is very good in this sense, indeed. And pay attention to the fine artwork of Stan-W Decker for the cover. And Giacomo Voli (singer of RHAPSODY OF FIRE) and Julien Tournoud (singer of AMON SETHIS) appear as guests on “The Flame Still Burns”.

Musically, a band with four albums on its shoulders must show maturity (what the quintet shows), proving that they are one of the leading forces of Italian Old School Heavy/Power Metal. And songs as “The Flame Still Burns” (as said above, this one is heavily influenced by IRON MAIDEN old albums, with excellent vocals and charming guitar riffs and duets, and a remarkable chorus), “Lens of Life” (that brings elements of the early German Speed/Power Metal mixed with traditional Heavy Metal elements, as the massive rhythmic wall of bass guitar and drums), “Wolfpack” (that brings elements of Folk/Power Metal to the mix in the melodies), “Soldiers in White” (another very good Heavy/Power song with charming melodies and tons of weight especially on the guitar riffs and solos, and the lyric is a tribute for all those who lost their lives in COVID-19 pandemic), “Ireland Rebels” (where influences of MANOWAR’s early albums appear), “The Man” (an Old School Hard Rock touch can be felt on its melodies), and “The Legend of Rainbow Warriors” are the right ones for checking how mature the band is, but as well for those who are interested in hearing good music and having a good time.

“Soldiers in White” is that kind of album that shows a band that still has a lot of to offer to its fans. Listn to the album and become a fan of TARCHON FIST.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Flame Still Burns
2. Lens of Life
3. Wolfpack
4. Soldiers in White
5. 9/11
6. Ireland Rebels
7. Always Alone
8. Escape
9. The Man
10. So, Thank You All
11. The Legend of Rainbow Warriors
Mirco “Ramon” Ramondo - Vocals
Luciano Tattini - Guitars
Sergio Rizzo - Guitars
Marco ‘Wallace’ Pazzini - Bass
Giacomo “Jack” Lauretani - Drums
Record Label: Underground Symphony Records


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Edited 05 June 2023

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