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Tardive Dyskinesia - Harmonic Confusion Award winner

Tardive Dyskinesia
Harmonic Confusion
by Jess at 21 February 2017, 4:47 AM

TARDIVE DYSKINESIA was born in 2003 and hails from Athens, Greece. Within the last 14 years, these guys have toured all through Greece and Europe and have had appearances along side some of the biggest names in Progressive Metal. The band has three previous full-length albums and is back with their fourth “Harmonic Confusion”. This album comes in with ten tracks and a listening time of just over 53 minutes.

The opening track “Insertion” immediately sends you off on a Progressive ride through the stars. This instrumental, albeit a small spoken section at the end and intertwined within the ending, intro is riddled with atmosphere and melody. There is so much technicality in this short two and a half minute track that I have high hopes for this album.

Fire Red Glass Heart”, track two, is your average Progressive track time of almost seven and half minutes. The vocals have amazing range. They can get deep and gritty and they can bellow in clean glory. The track started with a more Alternative feel that quickly combined with their Progressive groove. The bass is meaty and heavy and guitars keep the track mystical. The drums are phenomenally done. You don’t have to blast beat your way into a track to be a great drummer.

Track four, “Self Destructive Haze”, is a five-minute beauty. The vocals are low and gritty, apart from the chorus, which includes a clean vocal. This track spirals the vocals into atmosphere. There is so much going on with the vocals that I get lost in them. The guitars are ethereal and bass is beautiful. The drums kill it. Every single element in this track seems like it was created to shift your conscience to a higher level.

Thread Of Life”, track five, not only has the sound I have become to expect from them, but they have such a different approach to this track. They incorporate incredible technical guitars and drums and a bass that is the epitome of grounding. However, they also add a little orchestral feel into an already superior sound.

Track eight, “Savior Complex”, starts a little slower, showing off a bit. It’s not long until the speed is back. The tone is a bit lower than what we’ve heard before. There are loads of melody, groove, and a dash of Alternative flare create another unique piece, but there is a saxophone. I repeat, there is a saxophone cameo. This piece is incredible, absolutely incredible.

The final track “Chronicity” is almost anthem like. This instrumental starts out slower then transitions into this super speed interlude that leads back into a slower yet powerful finish. This is a satisfying ending to an exceptional album.

TARDIVE DYSKINESIA’s “Harmonic Confusion” is vibration rising, higher conscience inducing music. There is nothing more perfect than finding an album that resonates, and this one does just that. “Harmonic Confusion” is as unique as it is artistic. These guys are going to explode on the universal Progressive Metal scale. No doubt, pick this celestial masterpiece up.

Songwriting:   10
Originality:     10
Memorability   10
Production:     10

5 Star Rating

1. Insertion
2. Fire Red Glass Heart
3. The Electric Sub
4. Self Destructive Haze
5. Thread of Life
6. Concentric Waves
7. Triangulation Through Impasse
8. Savior Complex
9. Echoes 213
10. Chronicity
Manthos – Vocals and Guitar
Peter – Guitar
Steve – Guitar
Kornelius – Bass
Nick – Drums 
Record Label: Playfalse Records


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