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Tardive Dyskinesia - The Sea Of See Through Skins (CD)

Tardive Dyskinesia
The Sea Of See Through Skins
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 02 November 2009, 9:05 AM

Even though this band chose a kind of weird name, which actually originates from a disease, I can assure that this is not a bunch of CARCASS wannabes. In fact, this quartet is probably one of the best musical exports Greece has nowadays! It seems like I exaggerate a bit, huh? Wait 'till you get a taste from their brand new album and then we'll see!

Formed as OVERRIDE back in 1996/97, the band had only one goal, the one almost all bands have when they are formed, to make music influenced by their favorite bands. The band realized that as time went by their sound changed, and became more modern. So, in 2003 comes the big change with the band's name changed into TARDIVE DYSKINESIA. Their debut album Distorting Point Of View was released in 2006 by the Greek label Venerate Industries.

Three years later the band returns with a new contract with the Italian Coroner Records, for the release of its sophomore full-length album The Sea Of See Through Skins. Having the chance and pleasure to listen to TARDIVE DYSKINESIA's debut album, I can say that their new offering is in the same style, but even better! The band's complex Mathcore rhythms, with their Thrash/Hardcore influences mixed well in there, is something that will surely drag the listener's attention, since the MESHUGGAH-PANTERA combination was always something that sounded fucking good!

As I said above, the style is the same with the debut album's, but even better. That's why because TARDIVE DYSKINESIA show signs of professionalism and fix the flaws of the past to return even stronger! Even though I liked Distorting Point Of View, there were some really few times that I got bored, but with this album I was fucking excited from its first to its last second! The sound is also pretty good for this music, which means heavy as fuck!

Always glad to see Greek bands kicking ass like that! I wish these guys all the best and hope to take one step forward with each album!

4 Star Rating

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Manthos Stergiou - Vocals, Guitar
Petros Nikiforakis - Guitar
Kornilios Kiriakidis - Bass
Stavros Rigos - Drums
Record Label: Coroner Records


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