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Tatanhammer - The Art of Human Sacrifice

The Art of Human Sacrifice
by Michel Ichiman Fernandes at 20 August 2018, 3:59 PM

If you enjoy cardiac heartbeating-like drums, lightning strikes-like drums, and bestial-demonic dragon voices, and other music close to GORGOROTH stuff, you’ll enjoy this record.  This is especially so if you also like original and cosmic/spacial sounds.Horror movies fans should find this interesting, hard-core fans of this kind of music should like this record. Those who don’t know this king of Black Metal should listen to this, to discover something different from mainstream Metal.  So, you still can listen to this with closed doors and windows, in the daylight.

"The Weak" opens the album with screams of madness or despair, reminding one of horror movies with space sounds and organ, in addition to the other instruments. "Ashes"  is like a growl from the depth of a cave, like a man hunting but from the prey’s point of view.  It's  a short but scary piece to listen to, with the light switched on, and the doors closed. "At The Altar" shows morning is as dark as a rainy day in the woods, with a low-pitched dragon voice and furious instruments. The guitar solo ends this track quietly with cosmic sounds.

"Faces" opens with a strong drum exhibit, with a furious guitar and a loud dragon voice, joined by shrill screams. Just try not to become insane while listening to this. "The One" is a direct continuation, with no transition, of the previous track, as deep and profound. The keyboard in the back brings some light, but it is just a tenuous ray of light between two dark and heavy menacing clouds. "Dream Intruder"  is played following the previous one, this track offers a faster keyboard tempo and this tune is really short, just like a transition between two parts of  the same opus.

"The Filth" shows that it is the purest logical sequel to the previous tracks (Faces/The One/Dream Intruder), also surrounded by a dark and oppressive mood. Cavernous and powerful voice, exhausted and powerful instruments at the beginning, with a clearer and more bright part of the song, close to a GORGOROTH tune, turning back to a more dark, really dark part. The ending is clearer, with cosmic sounding keyboard score. "Backbone of the Veal" is little bit more quiet, but still so dark, as dark as the other tracks, with impressive guitars and rolling like thunder drums. "Satan, be heard" fills you with its brutal and nervous might. The sound is still so powerful, the instruments are vigorous and loud. And, as usual, the voice is still so profound and potent.

"Übermensch" opens with a military played drum tune, and this track closes the album in a light and soft way, introducing the guitar furtively. The voice, which is deep and loud, comes slightly. The keyboards offer a crystalline and bright but menacing sound, in a quiet way, comparable to the other tracks of the album.  It is an interesting way to close the album. With a profound voice, powerful and exhausted drums, this album of  Bestial Black Death Metal is somehow classic, but it offers interesting innovations, especially the crystal-clear cosmic keyboards.

It is a good record for people who want to discover familiar music between GORGOROTH and IMMORTAL, with something different like not-so-usual sounds,

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. The Weak
2. Ashes
3. At The Altar – Morning
4. Faces
5. The One
6. Dream Intruder
7. The Filth – The Purest
8. Backbone of the Veal
9. Satan, be heard
10. Übermensch
V. Nil - Vocals, Bass
E. Sathan - Bass, Drums
A. Sathan - Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Drums
Record Label: Abandon Tapes


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