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Taurus - No/Thing

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 21 July 2014, 2:05 PM

Ok, your Ol’ Big Daddy here is used to very strange and weird forms of making Metal, because I heard on the time of releasing some very different albums when they were execrated for the public. Nowadays, it’s too easy to love experimental bands, but when CELTIC FROST released “Into the Pandemonium” on 1986, and VED BUENS ENDE released “Written in Waters” in 1995, the main reaction was “what the fuck is happening here?”, for these albums were extremely difficult for us all to swallow at first. And now, Ol’ Big Daddy has to face another extremely difficult one: “No/Thing”, from US band TAURUS.

And let me say: it’s an extremely difficult album to swallow this time!

It’s a mix between some brutal aspects with ethereal atmospheres, some harsh screams with female voices coming here and there from nowhere, with synths, samplers and Hammond organ mixing with noises from guitars. It’s a very avant-garde music, mind you all. And sometimes, a Buddhist feeling appears strongly, so be aware.

The production, done by Billy Anderson, is very fine and polite, for their musical existence needs to be clean this way. The ethereal feeling permeates all, so to be clean is a demanding.

Personally, I had listen this EP five times, to have a more precise idea, and it still astonishes you Ol’ Daddy here. But their music is charming a lot.

“No Thing Longing… Human Impermanence” starts with noises and an oiled bass sound, before chaos arises, with screams and jazz/oriental moments arising. The same can be said about “Lives Long for Own”, but being two different songs. But “Set Forth on the Path of the Infinite” and “Increase Aloneness” are more ethereal songs, longing more than 10 minutes each one, with some screams appearing in the middle of female narrations of the first, and the second is more experimental and calm song, again with female voices. “Receed” is another ethereal one, shorter, but with a dense and darker feeling, with low grunts and strange voices arising.

Again I say: It’s a very difficult music to swallow, but it’s not bad at all.

4 Star Rating

1. No Thing Longing… Human Impermanence
2. Lives Long for Own
3. Set Forth on the Path of the Infinite
4. Increase Aloneness
5. Receed
Stevie Floyd – Guitar, Vocal, Hammond Organ, Ukulele
Ash Spungin – Drums, Vocals, Synth, Samples
Wrest (Leviathan) – Vocals on “Receed”
Billy Anderson – Vocals on Increase “Aloneness”
Record Label: Independent


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