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TBP - Musical Colors

Musical Colors
by Marcus The Rocker at 08 February 2015, 12:14 AM

One thing I’ve always loved about music is that it can unite people together for a good cause be it through charity concerts/singles/albums/etc. or because the members of the band are going through some tough times or have a physical condition/disability and see music as a form of therapy and more often than not, the results can be amazing as you can really detect their passion for music.

One such project is TBP which is the creation of Italian musician Mario Contarino and a couple of months ago, their second album, entitled “Musical Colors” was released showing everyone once again what they can do after their 2012 debut “Universe of Emotions”. Mario was born on October 26 1984 in Rome, Italy and he has had to face many challenges as a musician because at the age of 5, he was diagnosed with a condition called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy which affects the muscles in the human body hence the name.

Usually a condition like this would make even the simplest things impossible but Mario did not let that stop him as he sought therapy through music and has chased a career in it since the age of 16. He has played in a few bands and has also played over 600 gigs which have all been based in Italy. Unfortunately, his condition gradually got worse preventing him from physically playing music but thanks to the power of technology and computers, he can now compose music and his TBP project sees all compositions handled by him and well known Italian musicians playing his melodies on actual instruments including the guitar, bass and drums as well as vocals too.

With the exception of one musician on this album (Alessandro Del Vecchio), these names are unknown to me but I get the impression from listening to this album that Mario chose his musicians wisely as there is a wide variety of talent going on here. Most of the material is instrumental with a few vocal tracks here and there which I don’t have any problems with as I do listen to albums, mostly video game soundtracks which have a mixture of both instrumental and vocal performance and there is a lot I do like and you know something? I like this one too.

I think what makes this so good is partially down to the talent of the musicians and partially due to the fact that Mario’s condition has not stopped him from composing music and his compositions have been able to unite musicians together to make his compositions a reality and they sound amazing. There may be more instrumentals then vocal tracks but I don’t have any problem with that as I enjoy both of them and there is a lot of talent here from the musicians involved in this project even though I only know one of their names but that doesn't really bother me as I appreciate the talent of everyone involved.

Production wise, the music is very clear and you’ll be able to hear the talent of those involved including Mario’s compositions, the shredding skills of the guitarists involved both electric and bass, the beats laid down by the drummers and of course the vocalists involved who add their own unique touch to the songs where there are vocals.

Verdict now and at the start of this review, that when music unites people together under a good cause, the results can be pretty spectacular and that is exactly the case here as the talented musicians involved on this album have come together to help make Mario’s compositions a reality because even though his body may stop him from playing musical instruments, his passion for music on the other hand won’t be defeated so easily and it’s reasons like that why I listen to a lot of music as I am always able to identify the heart, soul and passion of the musicians involved and that is exactly what I have been able to identify here so I highly recommend you check this one out.

4 Star Rating

1. Orient Express
2. Musical Colors
3. Lady Hope
4. J.
5. Crooked Streets
6. Reach for the Sky
7. The Scorpion
8. Cry for Nothing
9. Wishing Well
10. Good Luck
Mario Contarino - Composer
Giacomo Castellano - Guitar, Production
Giacomo Anselmi - Guitar
Lorenzo Venza - Guitar
William Stravato - Guitar
Luca Ballabio - Guitar
Leonardo Porcheddu - Guitar
Gianni Rojatti - Guitar
Irma Moaning - Guitar
Mark Pistone - Bass
Lorenzo Feliciati - Bass
Mirko Serra - Bass
John Macaluso - Drums
Erik Tulissio - Drums
Fabrizio Kiarelli - Vocals
Marco Sivo - Vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio - Vocals
Roberto Drawbars - Vocals
Record Label: Red Cat Inst Fringe


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