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Tear Out The Heart - Violence

Tear Out The Heart
by Dory Khawand at 28 March 2013, 4:04 PM

Well ladies and gents, my favourite Metalcore label on this planet is yet presenting us with more candy, and boy I’m excited! This time it’s the Californians TEAR OUT THE HEART, and I’ll be talking about their debut album “Violence”, which features some well known idols in the Metalcore scene overall.

“Violence” is one of these albums this year which I’ve ended up spinning over several times. Why is that? Well, the album is pretty unique in terms of atmosphere and overall delivery. What’s found here is some heart melting guitar drops, synthesizers, and the refreshing voice of Caleb Shomo (whom somehow tends to be featured on tons of Metalcore albums for some reason nowadays).

Tracks like “Coffin Eyes” immediately catch your attention on this release, with a very artistic mixture of piano and guitar breakdowns, and tracks like “Feed Me a Stray Cat” take you by surprise with the very well planned brutality. We also have tracks like “Closure” with the emotional atmosphere and the 180 degree change from the whole feeling that previous 8 tracks gave you throughout the album. So far, this is very enjoyable.

But one thing needs to be said. What the band does on this album isn’t anything new and spectacular. I’ve heard tons of Metalcore albums with a very similar atmosphere and technique, such as the latest offering from THE WORD ALIVE. But what TEAR OUT THE HEART did here that made me love this album a lot is the energy and motivation they put into making such a very well inspired record.

This is surely a great treat for all Metalcore fans out there, and they will surely mosh and break some cheap oil lamps at some lobby to most of these tracks. This is the band’s first debut, so let’s hope they don’t tire out quickly like most core bands, and remain heavy and dedicated. Peace out!

4 Star Rating

1. Dead By Dawn
2. Infamous Last Words
3. Crucified
4. Undead Anthem (featuring Caleb Shomo of Beartooth)
5. Violence
6. Feed Me A Stray Cat
7. Coffin Eyes (featuring Dan Marsala of Story of the Year)
8. Eternal Shadows
9. Closure
10. Only Posers Die
11. Darker Tides
Josh Spohr – Guitar
Matthieu Murphy – Guitar
Isaac Etter – Vocals, Bass
Matt Epstein – Drums
Tyler Konersman - Vocals
Record Label: Victory Records


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