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Teardown - Cyanotic (CD)

by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 23 October 2008, 11:18 AM

If you look over the female fronted bands who belong to the Goth/Metal genre  then you will discover that most of them hail from Finland. The Scandinavian countries have a strong tradition on this music scene giving birth to the leading bands and actually setting the standards in it.
So, TEARDOWN is a Finnish Metal band that is also female fronted. Their music identity belongs to the Gothic Rock scene that comes with down tuned guitars, depressive keyboards melodies and fortunately not operatic female vocals. I said fortunately because it is almost impossible to introduce female soprano vocals and claim originallity under the heavy shadow of NIGHTWISH and why not EPICA. By taking a look at the band's biography sheet that is cleverly formated as a death certificate from pathologist I learned that TEARDOWN have two more demos under their belt, Drowned In Your Tears and Cold Rooms released in 2004  and 2006, repsectively.
The three tracks in the Cyanotic demo are enough to mark the band musical territory. All Should Be Gonelooks towards THE GATHERING direction with vocals that move in a sligthly higher pitch than Anneke Van Giersbergen without her sweetness and warmth. Even though Katja has a crystal clear and a wide ranged voice did not manage to touch my feelings as it should taking into account the Gothic label. Prisoner enters in a faster tempo through a SENTENCED approach while the keyboards enhance the atmophere with melodic finishing touches. Katja sings in a more Metal way with harsh moments making me add more points to the music in my inner rating system. The demo closes as it started with the down and tempo mood solitude.  The quality of this track actually reveals the weakness in TEARDOWN's music. This ambiguous statement has to do with my feeling of I heard that before that haunted every second of the listening process. I have the feeling that TEARDOWN have nothing new to offer me apart from thinking the bands that made this music genre known to the metalheads.
Taking into account the band's ancestry and the composition potentials presented here I am eager to give them a second chance with their upcoming full length album to see what they actually have to give me. The fans of this scene click here to learn more about this Finnish act.
TEARDOWN - Solitude

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All Should Be Gone
Katja - Vocals
Pipsa - Keyboards
Keitsu - Guitar
Laba - Bass
Rami - Drums
Ahmaoja - Guitar
Record Label: Self Released


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