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Tears - Falling Certainly - DEMO (CD)

Falling Certainly - DEMO
by Amy La Salla at 31 May 2005, 2:02 PM

Tears is a Goth Metal band from the UK, they enjoy a good amount of classical influence and a certain amount of experimentation. Falling Certainly is an admirable first demo and an enjoyable listen.
The music is sad, atmospheric and shows a heavy classical influence. The guitar and keyboard work are what you are here for, they are far the best part of the music. The guitar-work isn't terribly crunchy, dripping sorrowfully like morning dew from the trees or speeding desperate and miserably towards its fate. The keyboard-work is perfect and dances a sad and lovely song with the guitars. Yannis is both the vocalist and guitarist of Tears, though he is best at the later. His guitar skills are very good, while his singing is merely okay. The lyrics varie from average to poor quality with a few gems. The production was a bit raw but not too bad considering that Falling Certainly is a demo. The volume varies too much from song to song which forced me to have to mess with the volume more than I would like.
Things Imaginary is my favorite song on the demo because of the cool guitar and keyboard-work. Lyrically, it is the best on Falling Certainly. This classically influenced song would work well on a horror soundtrack, I love it's crystal moodiness.
Time Master is another of my favorites. It has especially good guitar-work and the riffery is the best on the album.
Self Destruction Part III, as you might guess, is the climax of a trio of songs about tearing apart your own life, figuratively and literally. As a climax should be, it is the best. The guitars is what I like best about Self Destruction Part III and I like the lead-work the best.
All things considered, I would say that Falling Certainly is a worthwhile first effort. I am curious as to what Tears sounds like with better production.

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Things Imaginary
Self Destruction Part I
Self Destruction Part II
Self Destruction Part III
Time Master
A Beginning After Each End
Yannis Matagos - Guitars & Vocals
Kostas Korkidas - Keyboards & Accoustic Piano
Tassos Deligiannis - Drums
George Politis - Bass
Record Label: Self Released


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