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Teeth – The Curse Of Entropy

The Curse Of Entropy
by Santiago Puyol at 21 January 2020, 10:28 AM

TEETH are an American Brutal Death Metal band coming from California, formed in 2014. "The Curse of Entropy" is their sophomore release, following their debut album "Unremittance". Their approach to Death Metal includes elements from Prog and Math, making for a complex and at times dissonant affair.

Opener "Enlever" makes for a vicious start, being unequivocally violent from the very first second. Complex drumming and syncopated riffing pierce through the listener’s ears, as well as a myriad of undecipherable growls and grunts. "Husk" follows, every bit as intense as the previous track, with tight drumming from Alejandro Aranda who is certainly a beast behind the kit. The whole track is infused with a confusing dissonance.

"Wither" features some great breakdowns, in addition to Doom-tingled riffing. The chaotic, blast beat assault feels constant. That last statement is even truer in the context of "Collapse", an otherwise dynamic track with a shifting structure that makes the most of its machine gun-like instrumentation.

Doomy riffs, deep growls and borderline jazzy rhythms appear on "Birthright", while "Cretin" takes a more straightforward approach to songwriting (just slightly), being a very urgent track with tons of energy. Being more direct helps build the track’s sense of unease. TEETH takes note of that with "Dread", another direct song that goes right for the jugular. It flows perfectly into "Blindness".

The band decides to take a somewhat melodic route for the last three tracks on the record. "Blindness" shows it mainly on the guitar work, while Aranda’s drumming gets tribal. Peter King’s bass feels warmer too. At least for the first half of the track. Midpoint through it, everything descends back into noisy madness and pounding rhythms, before dissolving into feedback.

"Entropy", while still heavy, shows an even subtler side of the band. Less manic, a mood-settler for the last track. It gets quieter, at times a little atmospheric track. "Vessel" is a proggy closer with shifting rhythms and tempos and heavily syncopated. It builds towards a climax, ending the album on a high note and making time for a brief drum solo. Without a doubt, the best track here.

Although growls mostly fit the bit, as they feel more like another instrument - lyrics become indecipherable -, they could play around with a bit more diversity, as it can be a little tiresome and monotone. Another issue that hurts the experience a little is Peter King’s bass getting swallowed in the mix on a lot of tracks.

"The Curse of Entropy" is both brutal and remarkably technical in its tight, short tracks. The short song structure undoubtedly avoids unnecessary repetition. Aranda’s playing behind the drum kit is one of the highlights of the record and gives some dynamism to it, one that makes up for some less inspired choices.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Enlever
2. Husk
3. Wither
4. Collapse
5. Birthright
6. Cretin
7. Dread
8. Blindness
9. Entropy
10. Vessel
Erol Ulug – Guitar/Vocals
Peter King – Bass
Justin Moore – Guitar/Vocals
Alejandro Aranda – Drums
Record Label: Translation Loss Records


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Edited 07 December 2022

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