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Teeth - Unremittance Award winner

by H.P. Buttcraft at 30 March 2015, 8:43 PM

Imagine an alien coming down to Earth. Imagine that this alien creature does not feel emotions or abstractions such as we do. It only perceives physical sense through vibrations in the air and communicates through sound. What I think this alien creature would be singing loudly as it extracts the brain from your head that it has freshly ripped off and started coating the inside with its ovipositor’s plasma, you would most definitely hear this thing start to start sounding like is the music of TEETH.

TEETH’s “Unremittance” is a sedimentary work of hatred and anger. Taking a queue from TEETH’s album cover, this music comes from a world of no color or faith. But this world is full of eviscerating violence and grief. In the primal spirit of revolt and dissent comes the true sensation of life in music, resurrected within its volume and death metal rhythm section to create the word-made flesh.

TEETH is the continuation of extreme music from California-based musicians Erol Ulug and Justin Moore. Both Erol and Justin have played in a band together previously as WAGESLAVE. TEETH is a band that really exposes the viciousness that these two musicians can come up with their drummer Timothy Gaskin and Peter King on bass producing some of the most addictive grooves that fuel the fury that gets expressed in the music.

I would say, comparatively, it sometimes sounds like GOJIRA mixed with HATE ETERNAL. But other times, it sounds like ISIS mixed with THE RED CHORD. It’s equal parts sludge-filled post-hardcore and funeral doom.

Although the riffs in this are discordant and dizzying, TEETH still found ways to make these difficult melodies easy to swallow. They do this by the infectious and mechanical percussion section, which give leathery wings for the ugliness of the vocal and string section to soar. You can hear moments like this on the intro to the song “To Dream Is To Suffer” and the crushing bridge to the song “Leech Eater”. The music picks clean the bones of those beaten to death by music from most hardcore, and even some death metal bands, that make it a pleasant musical experience. But the buck stops with TEETH. They plant their feet firmly down on the concept that metal is not a celebration; it is an exorcism of the darkest demons that dwell within us all.

Unremittance” is a debut release that bulldozes over all expectations you may have about TEETH. Although they may be from Long Beach, there are no bright and sunny days to be had on “Unremittance”.

4 Star Rating

1. To Dream Is To Suffer
2. Leech Eater
3. Hostless
4. Scum of the Sky
5. Scum of the Earth
6. Cure for Aging
7. Vers La Flamme
Peter King - Bass
Timothy Gaskin - Drums
Justin Moore - Guitars, Vocals
Erol Ulug - Guitars, Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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