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Teethgrinder - Nihilism

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 15 April 2017, 2:14 PM

TEETHGRINDER was formed in 2013. They describe themselves as a Grindcore/Hardcore/Black/Death/Crust band, with elements of Post-Metal, Drone and Stoner Metal, from former pursuits DRDOOM and GREYLINE. “Nihilism” is their second full-length release, and contains nine tracks. “Somnambulant” leads off the album, with feedback, slow drumming and spoken words. A blood-curling scream lead into the main riff. Chaos abounds as various vocal styles are used and there is not an overly noticeable semblance of order. Anger, and pure hatred glow like a fire spreading across the land. “This Soil Has A Thirst For Blood” is more straightforward, a two minute furious track with blast beat drummer and never-ending screams. How much sound can you pack into one track. Take a listen to “Isolation.” Impossibly intense, it’s like watching the Reaper swing his scythe through a crowd and slay each and every person within seconds.

“Force Fed Ideologies” is another scorcher that clocks in at under two minutes. Within the fury one has to wonder the physical demands that a track like this places on the band, and how difficult time keeping must be. “Carnist” is five minutes long, which is pacey for the album. There is more of a traditional sound structure here, as it registers more with the Death Metal genre. The dual vocals, one high and one low, definitely add to an evil sound. Perhaps here some of the Drone/Stoner elements can be picked up on best. “Pale Flowers” has a political state of affairs spoken words that lead into the assault. I picture the undead goat figure on the album cover providing the low-end growls and this seems to be good imagery for the song.

Closing the album is the six-minute “Bite The Hand That Feeds.” They poured a lot into this track. Not just the soul-bearing anguish, but some real creativity and diversity that wasn’t overly present in some of the other tracks. The boundaries for the style can be quite narrow and unforgiving. I think however TEETHGRINDER have carved a niche for themselves that exists outside of the norm with “Nihilism.” A little more of what the last track had to offer would push this over the top. As it stands, solid effort.

Songwriting; 6
Creativity: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Somnambulant
2. The Soil Has a Thirst For Blood
3. Isolation
4. The Pain Exceeds The Fear
5. Force Fed Ideologies
6. Carnist
7. Sicarius
8. Pale Flowers
9. Bite The Hand That Feeds
Mart Wijnholds
Wieger Jan Scheper
Jabe Piter Faber
Jonathan Edwards
Record Label: Lifeforce Records


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