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Teitan - Vákuum Award winner

by Justin Joseph at 04 November 2021, 10:03 PM

The body that lays motionless and mute to the crowd, with eyes that only observe, the body that listens…to others it may seem as though life has forsaken this vessel, for its only action is the breath which it takes. But if one were to look beyond the flesh, see not with vain eyes, they may glimpse a peek of the maelstrom within the mind of the silent, for such silence can summon a cacophony of discordance if one chooses to listen.

For if the plethora of voices that speak in many tongues were to be translated into the structure and essence of sound it would be the birth of TEITAN’sVákuum”. However, the genuinity of its art lies not in the chaotic dissonance crafted by the instrumental arrangements, but it is the feeling of eleutheromania evoked by the musical elements. As the interweaving of a myriad of progressive and technical aspects even though to one it may emit a rather phantasmagoric illusion with its collection of obscure noises, it gives not a vibe of disarray but rather liberation. Yes…liberation, as the serpentine movement of the instrumental patterns such as the strings and bass paints the illusion of mind that has been unshackled, left to roam, where the voices no longer become restrained.

Where TEITAN showcases its artistic beauty is from the very pandemonium that is ensued from its output in its cohesive musical variables, take the tracks “The Grinding Teeth of the Wheel of Time” and “Metempsychosis” which discharges a cluster of cosmic sounds, like a starry sky that erupts in its own magnificence, and this is owed to the visceral production which illuminates yet portrays the album in an unveiled manner, where every element feels alive yet vulnerable. One of the key highlights of “Vákuum” is contained within its unbridled atmosphere, where one’s imagination is set free and the reservoirs of the mind erupt in its creative expression, this is channeled from the diverse and eclectic riffing which exudes a demiurgic aura to its expulsion.

Even though the album’s tonality may exhibit the feeling of psychomachia, this does not mean that ‘Vákuum” main output is that of a vehement yet negative mixture, quite the opposite…while the musical components does foster a tone of despair, it is because of these fractured moments that bring forth the spirit of creation in the album. In other words, the schizophrenic virtuosity is a means to achieve TEITAN’s pinnacle of artistry upon this release. To quote the words of Aristotle, “No great mind has existed without a touch of madness”, and “Vákuum” is an example which can attest to this statement for the instruments carve that manner of madness needed to achieve that creative perfection.

If madness exists in whatever form it may take, there also must be a voice that follows it, and this brings me to the next highlight, the vocals, for where the musical flow paints the image casted onto “Vákuum”, the vox amplifies the illusion, magnifying the musical depths. “Become The Lunar Sky” is a track which exemplifies the atmospheric qualities within the vocal deliveries, for its harsh register never feels like an unwanted protrusion, instead it meanders to the warping sounds discharged by the instruments.

A creation that sparks the ember and transfigures it to a flame inside one’s mind is often born from a womb of spite, hatred, all emotions one rather shun, the emotions that is enough to rot the soul…but if focused, if channeled, the same waves that batter and cripple the mind can be used to forge the most beautiful works of art. Like the potter whose hands become caked in clay or the stone cutter who marvels at this creation with blistered palms, so too does every work of art have to endure the pain before its forged in its marvelous glory. As such, this is why I would say that “Vákuum” is an exceptional album as it bares its scars and blood intertwined with chaos to create an abstract mosaic of sound.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9


5 Star Rating

1. The Grinding Teeth of the Wheel of Time
2. Become the Lunar Sky
3. Je vois la fin
4. Metempsychosis
5. Description of the Passing
Devi Hisgen - Everything
Record Label: Void Wanderer Productions


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