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Tellus Terror - Ez Life Dv8 Award winner

Tellus Terror
Ez Life Dv8
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 01 June 2014, 2:01 AM

Personally, I never look to the past in terms of Metal. I believe that in any epoch, great classics can arise when we’re not expecting, as of course new classics like CELTIC FROST’s “To Mega Therion” and “Into the Pandemonium”, SLAYER’s “Reign in Blood”, BLACK SABBATH’s “Heaven and Hell” and others can appear anytime, I must only keep aware and wait. And from Brazil, it appears, now, for the entire world to see and hear: “EZ Life DV8”, from sextet TELLUS TERROR, from the city of Niterói (on Rio de Janeiro state), is an album that future will show that was a classic born one.

No, your Ol’ Daddy here is not drunk, having delirium due drugs abuse (I use none), for the band, daring to use a total new conception in terms of Metal (MMS, that means Mixed Metal Styles), mixing all you can think in a hot and energetic caldron, and blasts a new conception, pointing to a new way to the future. The boundaries and limits were destroyed to dust by them, so the gates are finally opened, so let’s go ahead into the future!

It’s very experimental, with great vocals work (going from guttural grunts to high screamed pitches, passing by normal and melodic voices and whispers, and even female vocals appears many times), oppressive and creative guitar riffs and solos (the minimalism is something I never guessed before to hear), heavy, secure and technical rhythmic basis (behind the drums is one of the best Brazilian Metal drummers of all times, Rafael Lobato), very good orchestral arrangements from keyboards. And mixing this all, we have something impressive, sometimes brutal and aggressive, sometimes more melodic and warm, but always good, of extreme good taste and elegant: TELLUS TERROR.

The sound production is something incredible in terms of weight and clarity. The album was recorded at Rio de Janeiro, on studios AM and Visiom, having Fernando Campos taking care of everything on recording process. But the mixing and mastering were done by the careful hands of Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd, and these guys had done excellent works with bands like DIMMU BORGIR, ARCH ENEMY, OPETH, and ROTTING CHRIST, to name a few, and with Anders Patrick Jerksten (most known as Pat Boomer, audio technician of DIMMU BORGIR) made the “click corrections”. It’s not clear as crystal, full of life and heavy as Hell due to nothing, as you can see. And the art is a great and wonderful job done by the hands of Greek artist Seth Siron Anton, who did works for ROTTING CHRIST, VADER, EXODUS, NILE and many others.

Daring to break any barriers established before, “EZ Life DV8” is an anagram that means “Easy Life Deviate”, a whole concept used to write the lyrics, going from the beginning ate Big Bang on “Stardust” to the end on “Error”.

So, about the music, must be said that the album is not easy to understand at first hearing, and demands a second one to get you forever by the ear. And the ten tracks are perfects, nothing more left to say, but if you can’t believe, hear the wonderful “Stardust” (what lovely guitars”), the enigmatic “Terraformer” (the dynamic from the vocals is wonderful), the brutal and technical drums of “3rd Rock from the Sun”, the oppressive and drier ones “Bloody Vision” and “Equinox”, the worked “Civil Carnage” (great chorus and the rhythmic kitchen is doing a fine and technical job), the chaotic and almost Progressive ones “I.C.U. In Hell (International Chaos United)” (great moments in the duet of vocals) and “Brain Technology Part 1 (This Is Where It Starts…)”, the melancholic feeling from “Endtime Panorama”, and the long and excellent “Error” (great guitars and vocals, and if you pay attention, in the end the human voice becomes a machine voice, meaning that the end of life will be the harvest of our bad use on technology).

“Who dares wins” is an old American saying, so TELLUS TERROR is a great winner, no doubt!

5 Star Rating

1. Stardust
2. Terraformer
3. 3rd Rock from the Sun
4. Bloody Vision
5. Equinox
6. Civil Carnage
7. I.C.U. In Hell (International Chaos United)
8. Brain Technology Part 1 (This Is Where It Starts…)
9. Endtime Panorama
10. Error
Felipe Borges – Vocals
Álvaro Faria – Guitars
Wederson Félix – Guitars
Arthur Chebec – Bass
Ramon Montenegro – Keyboards
Rafael Lobato – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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