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Tellus Terror - EZ Life DV8

Tellus Terror
EZ Life DV8
by Daniel Fox at 21 November 2014, 6:58 AM

Metal from Brazil is always a pleasure to experience; I would wager, at least in the context of metal, the most musically diverse country in the world. Need I explain less than putting SEPULTURA, ANGRA and KRISIUN side by side? TELLUS TERROR are a band that exemplifies this diversity, by condensing it under one name. "EZ Life DV8", a curious title which I'm assuming translates into "easy life deviate", marks the band's new venture, and combines as many Extreme Metal genres under the sun (freezing moon?) as you can think of.

"Stardust" commences the journey, with a lovingly-crafted and eery introduction of translucent ambiance; a thin veneer that foreshadows the rage and despair that was to pour forth. A heavy buildup culminates in a dramatic and bombastic explosion of powerful, Symphonic Black Metal riffs. Seemingly devoting a lot of homage to the likes of DIMMU BORGIR, SEPTICFLESH and CATAMENIA, "Stardust" is larger than life and larger than death. I was then completely shocked to hear the music to follow in "Terraformer", an eclectic mix of grooves, majestic Dark Metal vibes and foreboding chord progressions reminiscent of old CRADLE OF FILTH. This track perhaps best showcases Felipe’s vocal versatility; death growls, to screeches, to cleans, to thrashy belts.

“Bloody Vision” is a stellar expression of pure metal. The opening and verse riffs are among the most memorable on the album, and translate jarringly between heavy, technical grooves, to precise speed runs and frantic explosions of blastbeats. The catchy grooves come back much in the fashion of Groove-era INVOCATOR. Quite frankly, this has to be my favourite track. “Error”, the album’s closing piece, is an 8 minute monster of Progressive, Extreme mastery, and left plenty of confused expressions on my face through prolonged listening. Firstly, the riffs on this track are brilliant; compelling even, melody brought to the forefront. Dramatism and theatrics are the selling point on this track, exuded by a whirlwind of technical, instrumental mastery; the way the track is arranged is mindblowing.

I can see why some would find this album coherent, even messy. Many of the tracks have little to do with eachother; but, quite frankly, that is not how this album should be approached; how can you, when every song is part of a different genre? Diversity is TELLUS TERROR's weapon and they wield it with deadly force.

4 Star Rating

1. Stardust
2. Terraformer
3. 3rd Rock From The Son
4. Bloody Vision
5. Equinox
6. Civil Carnage
7. I.C.U. In Hell (International Chaos United)
8. Brain Technology Part 1 (This Is Where It Starts…)
9. Endtime Panorama
10. Error
Felipe Borges - Vocals
Álvaro Faria - Guitars
Wederson Félix - Guitars
Arthur Chebec - Bass
Ramon Montenegro - Keyboards
Ali Ghazzaoli - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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