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Tempelheks - Tempelheks

by Amanda Rulton at 04 December 2014, 10:29 PM

When people listen to metal for the first time, they have one of two reactions. They love it or hate it, the sub genres work in the same way however it’s more ‘I love it or I can tolerate it for a while’. With ‘Stoner Metal’ I am one of the people that can acknowledge it, listen to it but not completely love it. TEMPELHEKS however have changed my opinion slightly, in the past I have found ‘Stoner Metal’ too relaxed for a subgenre of the music I love but this album offers something completely different, its relaxed yet heavy all at the same time.

You can have this in on full blast and still be able to concentrate on the thing you’re meant to be doing or relax entirely, on the other hand you can get up and run around, head bang in your front garden for all to see or work out to this album. It confuses your senses, it feels as if it needs to speed or its leading something big, but that something never comes and it never does get faster. TEMPELHEKS have pulled out all the stops on this album and their next album will have a lot to live up to, I hope they can perform to the standard they have set or better in the future. The album cover is something else altogether, it’s a ‘painted’ piece and just like the music it confuses me slightly. I feel there should be something in the picture, in addition to what is going on but there isn’t. Their previous ep had a lot more going on, it was a lot faster and the cover art wasn’t as simple. The simplicity of this album cover however does work I their favour because despite it being simple it is interesting and I found myself looking at it for quite some time whilst listening to the album. I really am looking forward to seeing what this band has in store for the future, especially if it continues to surprise me in the way this album has.

"Tempelheks" came out on august 1st, any Stoner metal fans will be surprised to hear this band, especially as they’re so different. Perhaps in the future they will go down the traditional ‘Stoner Metal’ ways but I think if they keep doing what they’re doing it will work out for them.

2 Star Rating

1. Fungus Lord
2. Green Planet
3. Lotus
4. The forge
5. Python
6. Volcano
7. Ibis and the snake
8. Nebula child
9. Ketaminopolis
10. Tempelheks
Andreas Prestby
Espen Sande Larsen
Sindre Andre Øhman
Record Label: Independent


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