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Tempest Rising - Transmutation

Tempest Rising
by OverlyMetalJames at 31 December 2014, 10:23 PM

Greetings earthlings and headbangers all over this doomed planet, I’m OverlyMetalJames, and in this review of what this album and band is what would cause me to have mumps just listening to it!

TEMPEST RISING is that cancerous, and trusts me when I say this, and it burns the insides of my flesh to say this, but I will take BRING ME THE HORIZON over TEMPEST RISING any day and that is saying something. Now on to the album itself, and I can’t hear/see anything special on this whole record. It has zero creativity, and all the guitar riffs sound generic and cancerously painful as David Arquette winning the WCW-World Title. I hope I’m getting through to you readers with this because this album is like getting back with your ex, is like trying to shove crap back up your arse-crack!

The band seems to be trying way to hard on this album and its just a clear reminder of how inadequate of a record BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE – “Temper Temper” was, but even that’s a better album than TEMPEST RISING – “Transmutation”. I can’t find any space for this band to improve, I even listened to their EP on their Reverb Nation page and I just can’t get invested at all, and let me explain why. My very good friend Mike and I have a lot of discussions on Skype about bands and stuff, and one of the subjects is Metalcore and Deathcore. A lot of the bands in those two genres are shockingly bad, like where it’s the same crap over and over, where the very few great bands such as KILLSWITCH ENGAGE represent the Metalcore genre greatly, as they are amazing talent. Also with SUICIDE SILENCE and THY ART IS MURDER are more of Death Metal rather than Deathcore, they are going over the boundaries and are not afraid to follow in the footsteps of their idols, such as SUFFOCATION and CANNIBAL CORPSE.

I feel words cannot describe how awful this album is, this choice of words maybe harsh, but I bleed the truth when I speak about music. Very few bands represent the Metalcore genre extremely well, and TEMPEST RISING is not one of those bands to represent the future of Metalcore. For I believe the future of the genre will only depend on the bands that are showing their exhausting brilliant efforts in this music only time will tell.   

1 Star Rating

1. Introduction
2. No Remorse
3. Dominion That Falls
4. My Ecstasy
5. The Descent
6. Devil In Me
7. War
8. On Borrowed Time
9. Wretch
Vin - Vocals
James - Guitar
Bill M - Drums
Daniel James - Guitar
Jarred - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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