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Temple Desecration - Communion Perished

Temple Desecration
Communion Perished
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 04 August 2014, 7:34 PM

Oh, no!

Again a band who thinks that underground is the most beautiful thing in the world to not show some information about them and even the band’s members? Nor a single link for contacts?

Well, some see this as a “real” attitude, or anti-commercial one, but it’s a pity, for TEMPLE DESECRATION, coming from Poland, is a good band, doing a fine work on this two track EP, called “Communion Perished”.

It’s a heavy and darkened Death/Black Metal, sometimes evoking the memories from earlier works from BEHERIT, BLASPHEMY and Brazilian MYSTIFIER, sounding raw and putrid as them, with extreme vocals (using low grunts from the depths of a cavern and some high pitches), bitter guitar riffs, and rhythmic basis very simple but extremely heavy. A work that many earlier Death/Black Metal fans will love.

The sound production is putrid, and sometimes, the instruments overlap one to another, creating a sound mass extremely heavy as Hell itself, but sometimes hard to understand. And this is not good for us all. Again I’ll speak the same thing: you can have great results with an extreme harsh music, but with a very good sound quality. MARDUK and MYSTIFIER are masters in doing that, and their results speak for them. And the cover… Well, see for yourselves (you Big Daddy’s stomach is still upside down).

When we hear the two songs from the EP, “Ghoul Prayer” and “Apotheosis”, the clear idea we have is the same I told above: they could have better results with a good sound production. It’s too noisy, smoky and raw. Their songs are fine, and if they can become clearer, with a good quality (what doesn’t mean to make their music more commercial, if you mean what I’m saying), their music can really become greater than they could think.

For now, it’s a promise, but I really want to hear more of them in the future.

2 Star Rating

1. Ghoul Prayer
2. Apotheosis
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Record Label: Iron Bonehead Records


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