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Temple of Gnosis – Mysterivm Magnvum

Temple Of Gnosis
Mysterivm Mavnvum
by Aaron Eerdekens at 04 September 2015, 3:12 PM

Belgrade, Serbia based solo project of HMT called TEMPLE OF GNOSIS has released its first effort, and it’s an EP called “Mysterivm Magnvm”. It contains four at least seven minute long songs, which almost makes it a full length album on its own. “The Great Seducer”, the first song on the EP, starts with an ominous sounding intro. Drums come in slowly after a while, and HMT gives you a taste of his vocals at that point as well. When the drums really kick off, it becomes clear that they play a sort of mix between Doom Metal and Death Metal.

It’s all about the atmosphere in this one. HMT doesn’t really sing yet, it’s more of a macabre monologue he throws at you. Near the end of the song a little more power kicks in, with angelic backing vocals and a clear guitar riff, the first one that is. “Mysterivm Magnvm” starts the same way “The Great Seducer” did, slowly and with an atmospheric, dark mood setting the tone. After the two minute long intro, guitars and drums finally come in. You keep waiting for the song to explode into something chaotic and energetic, but it never really reaches that point. On the contrary, it slows down some more near the middle of the song, an until the end.

“Portae Lvcis” has also a similar feeling about it. It picks up right where “Mysterivm Magnvm” let off. It’s all really okay if you’re in the mood for it, maybe when you’re sipping on some whiskey around midnight after you sacrificed a small rodent at the altar in the corner of your living room. At least this one gets a little bit more powerful near the end. The final song, called “Thoth-Mercvrivs”, is no different than the rest, except that maybe this time the vocals are more prominent. It’s a pretty good listening experience, but as I said, you have to be in the mood for this sort of thing.

3 Star Rating

1. The Great Seducer
2. Mysterivm Magnvm
3. Portae Lvcis
4. Thoth-Mercvrivs
HMT – Vocals & All Instrumentals
Record Label: Goathorned Productions


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